Community Education

Community Education Phone Registration

Phone Registration

Step 1:  Get Your Information Ready

You will need:

  1. The activity number of the course or courses for which you wish to register
  2. Your credit card number, expiration date, & security code 
  3. Your day and evening telephone numbers
  4. Your current mailing address
  5. Your date of birth
  6. The same information (1-6 above) and names for other persons for whom you are registering

Step 2:  Call the Registration Voicemail Line

  1. Dial (707) 967-2900
  2. When the automated attendant recording begins, press 1301 or 1302
  3. Listen to instructions and have your list of information ready

Step 3:  After the message and tone, please speak into the phone and record the information outlined in Step 1 (you may bypass the message and go directly to record by pressing *)


I wish to register in this class(es): (say the name of the class)
The class registration number(s) is: (give five digit registration number)
My name is: (Please spell first and last name)
My birthdate is (month, day, year)
My daytime phone number is: (include area code)
My evening phone number is: (include area code)
My credit card is (Visa or MasterCard)
Credit Card Number is: (all digits, please)
Card expiration date is: (month/year)
Security Code is: (3 or 4 digit, from front of back of card)

For a second person, record that person's information in the same manner.  Please be specific if registrations for others are to be charged to your card.

Registrations are processed on a first come, first served basis (pending credit card approval); if the class is full, you will be placed on a waiting list and mailed a waitlist confirmation with no charge to your credit card.

Please Note: during voicemail recording, a long period of silence at your end will trigger an automated hang-up.


Students registering by phone, fax or mail will be mailed a receipt; those registering in person will be given one. Please inspect the receipt to be sure you are enrolled in the class you want. Call 967-2900 if you do not receive a receipt or have a problem with it.  YOU ARE NOT REGISTERED until you receive written confirmation from the college.  If a class or trip is full, we notify you, put your name on the waiting list, and no charges will be made to your account.  Failure to attend class or trip because you did not receive confirmation receipt does NOT warrant consideration for a refund.