Business Office

Property Removal Procedures


Napa Valley Community College District

Administrative Procedures

Disposal of Surplus and Obsolete Equipment 


1.                   The Department/Division/Office should notify the Vice President, Business & Finance of any equipment that are no longer needed. 

a)                   Complete Form FA103 – Property Removal/Retirement form and forward to Business & Finance Office. 

b)                  Department/Division/Office may request Facilities & Planning Services to store the equipment/s in the Warehouse. 

c)                   The Business & Finance Office shall prepare a list of equipment/s that are available for college use and send the list to other departments/divisions/offices. 

d)                  Equipment/s claimed by other departments/divisions/offices shall be transferred to the department.  Form FA 102 (Property Transfer Form) shall be completed for this purpose. 

e)                  Equipment/s not claimed by other departments/divisions/offices shall be declared surplus by the Business & Finance Office. 


2.                   Property declared surplus (under 1 e) may be disposed of by the Director, Facilities Planning & Services using one of the following methods: 

a)                   Advertise for sale (E.C. 81450) 

b)                  Sell without advertising if value is less than $2,500.00 (E.C. 81452) 

c)                   Sell to other public agencies 

d)                  Donate to public agency or non-profit organization 

e)                  Discard in the most economic way


3.                   Sale of property under E.C. 81450 (a) 

a)                   Obtain board approval for the sale of surplus and/or obsolete equipment that are no longer required for school purposes or should be disposed of for the purpose of replacement or if it is unsatisfactory or not suitable for school use. 

b)                  Post notice of sale in at least three public places in the District for not less than two weeks or by publication for at least once a week for a period of not less than two weeks in a newspaper having general circulation in the District. 

c)                   The board shall award the sell to the highest responsible bidder.


4.                   Sale of property under E.C. 81450 (b) 

a)                   The Director, Facilities Planning & Services shall obtain approval from the Board of Trustees to sell District property by means of a public auction to be conducted by employees of the District or other public agencies or by contract with a private auction firm. 

b)                  Notice of public auction sale shall be posted in accordance with E.C. 81450 (a) 

c)                   The Director, Facilities Planning & Services shall transfer the property to the highest responsible bidder upon completion of the auction and after payment has been received by the District.


5.                   Private sale of property under E.C. 81452 

A private sale without advertising shall be authorized by the Board of Trustees under the following conditions. 

a)                   The property, whether one or more items, does not exceed in value the sum of $2,500.00. 

b)                  Any item or items of property having previously been offered for sale pursuant to E.C. 81450, but for which no qualified bid was received. 

c)                   If the property is of insufficient value to defray the costs of arranging a sale, the property may be donated to a charitable organization deemed appropriate by the board or the property may be disposed of in the local public dump.


6.                   Deposit of money

            The money received from the sale shall be given to the Fixed Asset Coordinator located in the Business Office. The Coordinator will then facilitate the deposit of funds into the General Unrestricted fund.