Business Office

Budget Committee


The Budget Committee shall . . .

1. Have recommending authority on budget matters to the president; final recommending authority to the Board of Trustees rests with the president; final approval authority rests with the Board of Trustees

2. Focus on the institutional budget, not on specific unit budget line items

3. Develop and recommend Preliminary, Tentative, and Final budgets consistent with annual institutional goals and objectives, strategic institutional plans, and the Planning and Budget Philosophy

4. Recommend to the college president allocations of resources consistent with the vision, mission, and strategic institutional plans

5. Review institutional and area budgets for consistency with the Planning and Budget Philosophy


The committee shall consist of the following Academic Senate members:  6 faculty representatives and a faculty co-chair.  Non-Senate members are the District Co-Chair, Vice President of Instruction, Vice President of Student Services, Director of Facilities, classified representative, administrative representative, and one student appointed by ASNVC.

2014-2015 Members

Julie Hall  (Faculty Co-Chair)
Jeanine Hawk (District Co-Chair)

David Angelovich (Academic Senate Rep.)
Dianna Chiabotti (Academic Senate Rep.)
Matt Christensen (Director, Facilities)
Dean Ehlen (Academic Senate Rep.)
Oscar De Haro (Vice President, Student Services)
Dr. Terry Giugni (Vice President, Instruction)
Christy Kling (Academic Senate Rep.)
Mark Martin (Classified Senate Rep.)
Beth Pratt (Administrative Rep.)
Scott Rose (Academic Senate Rep.)
Alejandra Valencia (ASNVC Rep.)
Diane Van Deusen (Academic Senate Rep.)