Writing Center

Peer Tutoring



Hello! My name is Annalise Hurst, and this is my first semester as a peer tutor in the NVC Writing Center. I'm a second year student at NVC, and plan to transfer to a UC school after this year. In my free time, I enjoy making music and art, reading, coding, hanging out with my friends, and exploring Napa. My enjoyment in helping others is what has lead me to become a writing tutor, and I am excited to help others on their writing journey. See you all there!   



Hello, fellow students! My name is Cassarie Soungpanya, and this is my third semester as a student at NVC. I am anticipating transfer to a four-year university in the Fall of 2014. When I'm not at school, working, or doing homework, I like to read, watch movies, and relax in my cozy room. Although this is my first semester working as a peer tutor for the NVC Writing Center, I look forward to helping better your skills in writing while I also improve my own! 




My name is Erik Mejia and I am one of your peer tutors. I am proud of myself for being a peer tutor because I enjoy helping others and teaching them about the writing process. I am also a student ambassador for NVC and get to see many of you in the Welcome Center.  My major is Aerospace Engineering, but I also love writing works of fiction and letting my mind roam free on a piece of paper. When I write, I get to make space shuttles and new technologies come alive.