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Testing and Tutoring Center


Interested in Tutoring??

Tutors must have an overall minimum grade point average of 3.0, with math skill levels at Math 106 and above. Tutors must have earned at least a grade of B in the class they are tutoring. In addition, students must be in good standing, including no incidences of academic dishonesty and/or student conduct issues. All Napa Valley College tutors must attend tutor training.  Tutors are recommended by instructors and are endorsed by Rebecca Scott, Dean of LLRC.  Tutors learn how to facilitate learning and incorporate study skills and test taking techniques.  Tutoring is generally one on one and/or small group. Michele Villante coordinates the student tutor program under direction of the LLRC Dean. Interested students should complete a Tutor Interest Form and submit via fax to (707) 256-7499, in person to the TTC, or via email to