Attention High School Seniors

Welcome High School Seniors! 

The following information will help guide you through the steps needed to enroll at Napa Valley College for the Fall.  This page will cover relevant information regarding the first three steps towards enrollment, but information for all five steps can be found here.

The first three steps of enrollment are completing the application, taking the placement tests, and completing the orientation.  These steps can be completed at any time and are available year round.  However, for Fall 2014 enrollment, our Priority E registration date begins July 8th; Priority E students consist of new matriculated students, which are those students who have completed the application, placements tests, and orientation.  Students can still complete the enrollment steps and enroll in classes after the July 8th priority date, but may find class selection very limited; thus it is a good idea to complete the first three steps prior to July 8th.

The first step in the enrollment process is completing the application which can be found here.  Applications are usually processed in less than an hour, but can take up to 24 hours.  For questions or to find out more information about completing the application visit the Welcome Center located in the Student Services Building #1300 or call (707) 256-7214.

After the application is complete, the second step is taking the English and math placement tests. There are two options for this step. Testing Center staff will be onsite, at most Napa County District High Schools, to administer paper-pencil English and math placement tests. Students must still complete an application prior to testing for the onsite testing at the schools. In addition, most high schools will have a sign-up sheet available through the administration office or senior counselor. The dates and times for the onsite high school visits are listed below.

The second option is to take computer based English and math placement tests at Napa Valley College. These are administered on a drop-in basis, year round; applicants must bring a picture ID, which can consist of any identification with a picture and a name on it, including drivers’ licenses and high school ID’s.  Applicants can drop-in to begin their tests Monday-Thursday, from 8:30am-4:00pm to complete both tests in one session, or as late as 5:00pm to complete each test individually.  To be clear, the times listed above are times applicants need to arrive to begin their tests, so an applicant could arrive by 4:00pm to start their English and math placement tests and complete them before 7:00pm when the Testing Center closes.  Results will be available immediately after completing the placement exams and will be entered into students’ accounts usually within one business day.  Practice placement tests can be found here.

Once placement testing is complete an applicant should complete the orientation process which can be found here.  After completing the application, testing, and orientation, an applicant is now considered a new matriculated student and can enroll for the fall beginning July 8th.  Meeting with a counselor is recommended prior to registration in order to attain advice on which classes to enroll in for the fall.  The hours and availability for counseling can be found here.  Be aware that counselors will need to see placement results in order to advise students on class enrollment.

For further questions regarding placement testing contact the Testing and Tutoring Center at 707-256-7434.  Please leave a voicemail if your call is not answered, and we will return your call in a timely manner.