Testing and Tutoring Center

Academic Testing Guidelines and Information (Students)


Test Administration for Students with Special Accommodations 

If you have documented disabilities and are permitted to take your tests at the Testing and Tutoring Center (TTC), please make sure your instructor is aware of your need for accommodations.  Testing is done on a drop-in basis unless students require assistance during testing (such as a scribe or reader).  If you are allowed such an accommodation, please call the TTC to reserve a room that meets your needs in advance of your test date.

If you experience difficulty learning and would like to be evaluated for a learning disability, you can go to the Learning Services website for additional information, or call them at (707)256-7442.

Examination Make-Up

The primary purpose of the TTC is to proctor tests for students with documented disabilities.  We will proctor tests for the general student population as a courtesy. Please be aware that students with accommodations have testing priority. During times of high testing activity (such as midterms and finals), students with accommodations will be served first.

If you need to test at the TTC make arrangements with your instructor in advance. 




Guidelines for all Tests:

·         Pictured ID is required.  A Napa Valley College student ID, passport, driver's license or another school’s students ID are all acceptable forms of picture ID.

·         No Restroom Breaks:  It is advised that students take care of restroom stops before entering the exam area.

·         No food or drinks can be taken into the testing room.

·         No Children are allowed to accompany individuals into the examination rooms; nor are unattended children allowed to remain alone in the Testing and Tutoring Center.

·         No electronic devices such as cell phones, MP3 players and pagers can be taken into the testing room.

·         The TTC is a quiet zone. Please take special care as you arrive and leave to maintain that quiet atmosphere. 

·         TTC staff is not allowed to change or add to the instructor’s directions. 

·         If a student violates the instructor’s directions or the guidelines of the TTC, the TTC staff has the right to collect the exam early.  If the TTC staff asks for your exam early, please turn it in and immediately leave the area.  The TTC Specialist will inform the instructor as to why your exam was stopped.  All further discussions should be directed to your instructor.

·         Exams are collected 15 minutes before the official closure of the Testing and Tutoring Center.