Testing and Tutoring Center

Academic Testing Guidelines and Information (Faculty)


Test Administration for Students with Special Accommodations 

If a student has documented disabilities and are permitted to take their tests at the Testing and tutoring Center (TTC), please make sure you complete an Academic Exam Direction Cover Sheet which provides instructions on how you want the TTC staff to administer the test.  You may deliver the completed form along with the test to the TTC in person or by campus mail.   

Examination Make-Up

The primary purpose of the TTC is to proctor tests for students with documented disabilities.  We will proctor tests for the general student population as a courtesy.  Please be aware that students with accommodations have testing priority.  During times of high testing activity (such as midterms and finals), students with accommodations will be served first.  Use the same Academic Exam Direction Cover Sheet and delivery method as described under Students with Special Accommodations. 


Faculty Guidelines

·         Entire classroom testing in the Testing and Tutoring Center is not allowed due to the limited seating. The exception is online classes.  Please contact the TTC to make arrangements.

·         Do not send student to the TTC with tests.  Tests hand carried by students will not be monitored.

·         Documentation for student accommodations is highly confidential.  The TTC staff does not have access to student’s accommodations.  It is important that instructors complete the Academic Exam Direction Cover Sheet correctly.

·         No appointments are necessary unless the students require assistance, such as a scribe or a reader. 

·         Only finals will be given during finals week.

·         All individual exams are required to have a completed Academic Exam Direction Cover Sheet attached to them.