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Napa Valley College Welding Mission Statement:
The mission of the Napa Valley College welding program is to provide students and the community
with high quality welding instruction using state of the art welding technologies and equipment.
The program is dedicated to providing industry relevant experiences that will prepare the student
for entry level employment in the welding related industry of their choice. The program is also
dedicated to local welding industries to improve the process and procedure competence of the workforce.


Jobs are waiting for you after training to become a welder!
Learn to cut steel and weld it with Stick, MIG, Flux Core and TIG.

If you like to work precisely with tools and equipment, you can become a skilled welder, earning a good living in an essential industry.  Welders cut and join pieces of metal, making a permanent bond with a torch or electric arc.

Specialties in welding include structural metal fabricator, pipe and steamfitter, welding inspector, and welding engineer.  Welders who can qualify in these specialty areas such as TIG, Pipe Welding, and the welding of stainless steel and aluminum are always in demand.  Many artists also learn to specialize in metalwork by taking welding courses.

Napa Valley College’s (NVC) Welding Technology Program provides an extensive background in cutting and welding processes, such as Oxyacetylene Cutting and Welding, Plasma Cutting, Carbon Arc Cutting, Shielded Metal Arc Welding, Flux Core, MIG and TIG.  Other courses in the program include Technical Math, Machine Shop Practice, Digital Design, and non-math Descriptive Physics.

Napa Valley College is an American Welding Society (AWS) Educational Institution Member.  The Welding Technology Program offers preparation for qualification tests that can lead to becoming an AWS Certified Welder.


AWS predicts a shortage of 200,000 welders nationwide by 2010.  Entry-level salaries for California welders are up to $2,900 a month, depending on specialty.  Experience welders, such as pipefitters, can earn over $6,000 monthly.  Welders who belong to unions typically earn higher pay than nonunion workers.

Job vacancies in Northern California are plentiful, and the demand for qualified welders is very high.  Over the past several years, all qualified program graduates have found placement.


Welding Technology Certificate - 40 units (minimum grade of C in all courses).  Required courses:  WELD 120, 121, 240, 241; or WELD 130, 131, 132, 133, 230, 240, 241; Tech Math 92, 107; MACH 100; DDGT 110; PHYS 110, 111.  Check the catalog or website for specific program requirements at www.napavalley.edu.  Student Learning Outcomes - By the end of the program students will be able to:  #1 Work efficiently and safely in a variety of welding environments, #2 Exhibit good work habits while working independently and/or part of a team, #3 Identify, understand and apply appropriate welding processes and technologies to a planned end result, and #4 Develop knowledge base to accomplish #3.

Click on the certificate title above, or the link on the left menu, to open the certificate form.


60 units (grade point average 2.0, minimum C grade in all courses required for the major).  An A.S. degree is awarded upon completion of all major and general education courses.  Consultation with the Program Coordinator is required.  See the NVC catalog or website for required classes.


NVC’s program provides a foundation for transfer to a four-year college.  Consult the catalog of your choice and get help with specific requirements from a Transfer Center counselor.


Eric Wade
Napa Valley College
2277 Napa-Vallejo Highway
Napa, CA 94558
Office:  Room 3105A (3100 Bldg.)
Phone:  (707) 256-7131(or call the program secretary, 256-7703)
e-mail:  ewade@napavalley.edu

Napa Valley College career technical education programs are open and available to all students regardless of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression. Admission requirements for Napa Valley College career technical education programs are described in the current Napa Valley College catalog. The Napa Valley College Title IX officer is Laura Ecklin (Phone: 707-256-7105, Room 1544B). The Section 504 compliance officer is Rebecca Scott (Phone: 707-256-7438, Room 1735-C).