Digital Design Graphics Technology

Instructor - Mark Gerhard

Mark Gerhard is a longtime 3ds Max teacher with 20 years experience with the software.  He was one of the very first artists hired to test the first release of the software in 1990.  He has trained countless individuals and companies in the fundamentals of 3D Design Visualization.  He writes courseware and has co-authored and been technical editor on dozens of books on 3ds Max.  Gerhard worked for Autodesk for 15 years, during which time he was an instructor, a product manager, application engineer, and senior technical writer.  He was the lead writer for the tutorials that shipped with 3ds Max versions 3 – 6.  Trained as a sculptor and painter, he brings an artist’s perspective to the use of 3ds Max.  Gerhard has extensive real-world project experience having done many freelance architectural and mechanical visualizations for the past 15 years.  He has been teaching at Napa Valley College since 2002. 

You can see some of his images at: