LGBT Studies Certificate Program

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The LGBT Studies Certificate Program was created in 2012 to prepare students interested in a degree in LGBT studies for transfer to a two or four-year institution.  The program was also designed to provide career training for future and incumbent teachers who are required to deliver curriculum required by the Fair and Inclusive Education Act. 

This certificate program will prepare students with applicable knowledge related to careers in education, a wide range of social services, health care, public safety, counseling, and for work in non-profit organizations related to the LGBT community.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Identify major issues and vocabulary in the field of LGBT Studies.
  • Discuss issues faced by sexual orientation and gender identity minorities in the family, education, and community.
  • Explain the differences in how people identify their sexual orientation and their gender identity.

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The LGBT Studies Program has three LGBT focused courses that, together with the other required courses, serve as the foundation for the program.  The elective courses allow students to explore more closely LGBT topics of interest.  The three LGBT focused courses are scheduled in the recommended sequence beginning in the fall semester of each year. 

 Fall Semester       Spring Semester  Summer Semester
LGBT-120 Intro To LGBT Studies  LGBT-121 21st Century Issues  LGBT-190  Internship     

To learn more about each of these courses, use the links at the bottom right of this page.

Required Courses (12 Units)

LGBT-120 Introduction to LGBT Studies
LGBT-121 21st Century Issues and Activism
ANTH-150 Sex & Gender Cross-Cultural Perspective
PSYC-135 Human Sexuality


Electives (6 Units)

LGBT-190 Service Learning/Internship
CFS-140 The Child, Family and Community
PSYC-125 Human Development
PHIL-137 Comparative Religions
HUMA-186/Film-110 Culture and Gender In Film
COUN-124 Working With Diverse Populations
*Approved electives offered by City College of San Francisco


Napa Valley College has partnered with City College of San Francisco (CCSF) to offer this program.  Students may choose from over twenty different elective courses in LGBT Studies offered by CCSF to fulfill the elective requirements for this certicate program.  Many of the courses offered by CCSF are available online so that students can take them without having to travel to the CCSF campus.  For a list of the approved courses, please contact the LGBT Studies Program Coordinator. 

Students may enter the LGBT Studies Certificate Program at any time.  Students who are new to the college must complete an application for admission.  We highly recommend that all new students meet with a counselor to develop and Education Plan.  Students already admitted to Napa Valley College can simply enroll in one of the courses using the regular course registration process.  We recommend starting this certificate program by enrolling in LGBT-120.  This course meets the Napa Valley College general education degree requirements for social and behavioral science and multicultural/gender studies.

A two-year degree in LGBT Studies is now available from City College of San Francisco.  A four-year degree in LGBT Studies is available at San Diego State University.  Sonoma State University offers a minor in Queer Studies.  The LGBT-120 course qualifies for transfer to all of these programs.  Other required courses and the electives may qualify for transfer or elective credit.

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