Child and Family Studies

LGBT-190 Service Learning/Internship

This course provides students with an opportunity to earn 3 units of college credit while gaining valuable experience volunteering or working for pay with an organization that directly serves lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender people.   Students are encouraged to find an organization that is also related to their major course of study.  Appropriate organizations include:

  • LGBT youth organizations or institutions that work directly with LGBT youth
  • Health care organizations such as an HIV/AIDS clinic, support group, or advocacy
  • Non-profit organizations directly serving the LGBT community
  • Social service organizations with programs directly serving the LGBT community
  • Charter or magnet schools with programs that directly serve LGBT students


Students are responsible for finding an appropriate organization before enrolling in the course.   The job and organization selected is subject to the approval of the course instructor.  The class requires students to log at least 8 hours of paid or volunteer work per week with in the organization for 18 weeks.  In addition, students are required to complete writing assignments and assessments related to their internship work.  While there are no regular face-to-face class meetings on campus for this class, except for the initial orientation, students are required to communicate at least weekly with the course instructor online and therefore must have regular and reliable access to the Internet.

Student Learning Outcomes:

·         Demonstrate a work ethic consistent with a professional working in an LGBT serving organization.

·         Explain the mission and functions of the assigned LGBT serving organization.

This course is eligible for transfer to the CSU system. 

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