Child and Family Studies

LGBT120 Introduction To LGBT Studies

Monday Evenings 6:30PM to 9:20PM - Fall 2014


This introductory course examines a wide range of issues related to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community and how those issues impact family, education and the community. The course includes an overview of the history of sexual orientation and gender identity, the variations of sexual and gender identity, laws and policies impacting the LGBT community, the LGBT civil rights movement, and a look at many of those members of the LGBT community who have contributed to the evolution of this culture and our society.

Students will participate in class discussions, group projects, oral presentations, and a field trip.  Regular writing assignments will provide a vehicle for students to think critically about their own experience and perceptions of the LGBT community and what they learn in class. 

This course is ideal for anyone preparing for a career in social services including counselors, criminal justice, or education.  It will specifically prepare educators to deliver curriculum required by the Fair and Inclusive Education Act in public schools.  The course is equally beneficial for any student who simply wants to become more informed about the LGBT community and the issues is faces.  This class is the foundational course required for the LGBT Studies Certificate Program and meets the Napa Valley College general education degree requirements for social and behavioral sciences and multicultural/gender studies. In addition, this course is transferable for elective credit to the CSU and UC system.

    Student Learning Outcomes

    • Identify the vocabulary people use to identify their sexual orientation and their gender identity.
    • Discuss how sexual orientation and gender identity minorities are impacted by family, education, and communities.
    • Identify the significant historical, social, cultural, and civil rights issues impacting the LGBT community.

Required Textbook

Meem, E. T., Alexander, J. F., Gibson, M., & Gibson, M. A. (2010). Finding out, an introduction to lgbt studies. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications, Inc.  ISBN: 9781412938655

The course content includes:  LGBT stereotypes, origins, and influences; sexual orientation identity and gender identity; sexual orientation and gender identity across culture; key figures in LGBT history; LGBT civil rights movement; hate crimes; the influence of religion; LGBT "Pride;" LGBT culture in the media; gender dysphoria; the AIDS epidemic; the "coming out" process; LGBT families; and LGBT sub-cultures found in the bay area.  This class may include a field trip to the LGBT museum in San Francisco.  The course is 54 hours in length and students may earn 3 units of college credit.  There are no prerequisites to enroll.

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