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Administration of Justice Program

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Program Coordinator:

Professor Sean McCann
Phone:  707-256-7736

Program Faculty:

Albert Bagos
Justin Buffington
Anthony Costa
Mark Covington
Joseph Longoria
Greg Miraglia
Donald Mort
Damien Sandoval
Erik Upson

Mission:  The Administration of Justice Program provides quality instruction for transfer, degree, and occupational students.  The courses reflect skills and knowledge that have been identified by our transfer institutions and local criminal justice employers as critical to student success in the classroom, in online courses, and in the communities where students will be employed.

Administration of Justice is a multi-disciplinary program that seeks to educate students on the many aspects of justice administration—from the human, social and moral problems to the larger scope of justice systems.  Students can earn a associate of science degree and or prepare for transfer to a four-year college or university in order to earn a bachelors degree or masters degree.

The course offerings in the Administration of Justice program prepare a student for a career in various fields, and jobs including:

  • Corrections - correctional officer, probation officer
  • Criminal Justice
  • Law - attorney, prosecutor, defense attorney
  • Law enforcement - police officer, deputy sheriff, peace officer
  • Social Services
  • Probation - adult probation, juvenile probation

Student Learning Outcomes For The Program

  • The student will demonstrate skills and knowledge that allow them to successfully complete academic work at a transfer institution.
  • The student will communicate effectively in their verbal and written presentations, using vocabulary, grammar, and technical skills appropriate for an administration of justice profession.
  • The student will demonstrate a knowledge of the criminal law and procedure appropriate for an administration of justice major.
  • The student will demonstrate an understanding of the work ethic expectations of administration of justice professions.

Napa Valley College career technical education programs are open and available to all students regardless of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression. Admission requirements for Napa Valley College career technical education programs are described in the current Napa Valley College catalog. The Napa Valley College Title IX officer is Laura Ecklin (Phone: 707-256-7105, Room 1544B). The Section 504 compliance officer is Rebecca Scott (Phone: 707-256-7438, Room 1735-C).