AA Degree in Psychology

The Associate of Arts degree with a major in psychology acknowledges that the student has established a foundation of knowledge in the field of psychology. This foundation can be used as a basis for further study at a transfer institution, or it can be used for personal or professional development. 

For the AA Psychology degree, the completion of 6 required units plus 12-13 additional units (for a total of 18-19 units) is required.

Required Courses

6 units total 

MATH 232

Statistics   3 units

PSYC 120

General Psychology   3 units

Additional Courses

Choose four courses from the following, for a total of 12-13 additional units:

BIOL 110 or

BIOL 120

Survey of Biology or

General Biology   4 units

PSYC 123

Social Psychology   Cross-listed as SOCI 123, 3 units

PSYC 125

Human Development   3 units

PSYC 126

Abnormal Psychology   3 units

PSYC 128

Cross-Cultural Psychology   3 units

PSYC 135

Human Sexuality   Cross-listed as SOCI 135, 3 units

PSYC 175

Theories of Personality   3 units

AA Psychology

 For more information, contact:

Dr. Jeff Wachsmuth
Program Coordinators