Student Resources

Tutoring in mathematics is available from the Testing and Tutoring Center (TTC), located on the 2nd floor of the McCarthy Library. You can schedule regular tutorial sessions for almost all mathematics courses here at NVC.

There are VHS videos accompanying most math courses that are available in the McCarthy Library. Some sets are available for overnight checkout, and all offer an alternative to simply copying notes when you miss a class--you can see a mini-lecture!

Drop-in tutoring in mathematics courses up to and including Math 94 is available from Anne Cook in the   Math Center. This is a computer and study area located in the 800 building (2nd floor) and is informally known as the Math Lab.

Anne Cook

 Anne Cook
(707) 259-6049

 Anne is also the administrator for the Math Lab listed in the course catalog as Math 91 and 95. This is a computer program designed to enhance your learning while enrolled in Math 90 or 94. The software is available in the Math Center, and in other college locations on our network. You may enroll in Math 91 or 95 for 0.5 units; the course is graded on a pass/no-pass basis. To pass, one must complete 70% of assignments from the program. Talk to Anne for more information about this valuable program.




ALSO: This semester there will be several Mathematics INSTRUCTORS holding office hours in the Math Lab, and they will be available for drop-in tutoring!!!

If individual tutoring is not possible for you, you might try the following websites for online mathematical assistance.

Mrs. Glosser's Math Goodies

The e-Calculus Homepage

Dave's Math Tables   A creation of David Manura.

Interactive Mathematics Online

Algebra Homework Help Center

The Learning Styles Survey at Diablo Valley College.  

Professor Suzanne Miller of DVC has developed both of this site to ease the frustration and anxiety encountered by so many students in mathematics courses.  The Survey offers you a chance to "learn how you learn"!

Our department offers a calculator rental program.  You can rent a TI-83 Plus calculator for $20 per semester, with a buyout option.  See Sue Borer in 1038 V for details and rental forms.  Please be aware that they go quickly once a semester is underway!

The departmental bulletin board resides outside room 1037 H in the 1000B building.  See full-time and part-time photos, read cartoons, and peruse articles and such.  More mathematical journals are available in the Faculty Lounge in the 1000B building. 

Outside room 1038 S, you will find info on careers and opportunities in Statistics.

The department keeps a small collection of math books on reserve at the library.  Select one to supplement your textbook, or just for recreational reading.  You will need a SNAPS library card to borrow a book, so inquire at the Library if you don't have that card.

Apply for scholarships!  NVC scholarship applications usually are available in December.  In May 2002, 11 scholarships in mathematics were awarded, including five Burrell Wilson awards of almost $ 1,300 each! 

The MESA (Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement) program is new to Napa Valley College, and provides a tremendous opportunity for educationally disadvantaged students to gain support in their plans to transfer to a four-year institution with a major in mathematics, other sciences or engineering.

For more information:

contact the NVC MESA program director;

or visit the MESA homepage or the NVC MESA page.

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