Welcome to the Engineering Department

Classes Offered:

Introduction to Engineering (ENGI 110)

This course covers the ethics and decisions involved regarding the connection of new technology with human values and social goals.  It provides knowledge of physical science and its applications surrounding the issues of technology and society.  Speakers, field trips and classroom activities expose students to the many ways technology affects our lives and the variety of roles of engineers in society.  Recommended for both technical and non-technical majors.  CSU and UC transferrable.  3 units.

Engineering Graphics & Design (ENGI 122)

Introduction to the engineering design process and graphical communications tools used by engineers.  The fundamentals of orthographic projection, pictorial sketching, dimensioning and tolerancing, and their application in the solution of engineering problems.  Use of the computer-aid design package, and AutoCAD, as an analysis, design and documentation tool.  CSU and UC transferrable.  4 units.

Scientific & Engineering Problem Solving Using Computers (ENGI 123)

Using computers to solve scientific and engineering probblems.  FORTRAN 90 programming, variables, control structures, arrays and subprograms.  CSU and UC transferrable.  4 units.

Introduction to Computers & Methods (ENGI 124)

Fundamental concepts of computers, computer hardware, computer software, program development, networking, data communications, Internet access and operating systems.  Computer methods in computations which includes the use of modern interactive symbolic and numerical computations packages, and includes an introduction to programming methods for problem solving.  The use of graphical visualization methods and tools for output will be emphasized.  Sample applications will be drawn from various applied science disciplines.  CSU transferrable.  3 units.

Internet Essentials (ENGI 134)

A course that emphasizes successful Internet resources usage.  Learn how to confidently integrate the conductivity to Internet into your course work and major.  Master electronic mail ad browsing jthe World Wide Web of Internet.  Become successful in locating and retrieving information.  Other topics will include Gopherspace, UseNet, IRC, Telnet and FTP.  Technical aspects of how Internet works, getting connected from home, and creating a WWW Home page are also covered.  CSU transferrable.  2 units.

Properties of Materials (ENGI 240)

Introduction to engineering materials (metal, ceramics/glasses, polymers, composites) and the link between their microstructure and overall properties.  Study of crystallography, phase diagrams, mechanical properties, and electrical (including semiconduction) properties.  Prerequisites: CHEM 120, PHYS 140.  CSU and UC transferrable.  4 units.

Engineering Mechanics: Statics (ENGI 241)

Solve two-and-three-dimensional engineering problems using vector mechanics.  Study the equilibrium of rigid bodies, centroids, centers of gravity and forces on submerged surfaces.  Analyze trusses, frames and machines.  Understand forces in beams, including shear and moment diagrams and friction.  Prerequisites: PHYS 140, MATH 121.  CSU and UC transferrable.  3 units.

Circuits 1 (ENGI 242)

Basic electrical circuit analysis techniques, including electrical quantities and elements, resistive circuits, network theorems, transient and steady-state responses of RLC circuits, ideal transformers and amplifiers, sinusoidal excitation and phasors, and complex frequency and network functions.  Prerequisites: PHYS 240, MATH 221.  CSU and UC transferrabale.  4 units.

Selected Topics in Engineering (ENGI 298)

Topics in General Engineering and various Engineering disciplines, such as Engineering Computer Science, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Environmental jEngineering, Chemical Engineering, Biological Engineering etc., not covered by regular catalog offerings.  Course offerings will be based on community/student or program-interest and need.  Course content and unit credit to be determined by selected topic.  May be offered in a seminar, lecture, or lecture/laboratory format as appropriate.  CSU transferrable.  1 to 3 units.