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LADS is one of the largest division on campus. Our division teaches performance-based subject matter in areas central to student success. The LADS Division is unique in the size, scope, and complexity of its responsibilities.  The composition and mission of the LADS Division is as follows:

1.   English -- The English Department provides high-quality lower-division general education and major requirements courses for transfer students to the four-year universities.  Courses such as English 120 (Reading and Composition), English 121 (Literature and Composition), English 123 (Critical Thinking about Literature), and English 125 (Critical Thinking) are equivalent in depth and quality to the curricula of the CSU and UC systems.  The English Department also offers basic and preparatory reading and writing courses to prepare students for English 120.

2.   English as a Second Language (ESL) -- The ESL Department prepares non-native English speakers for college-level courses, making the college as a whole more accessible to the immigrant and international student population. The department offers five levels of academic classes including reading, writing, grammar, listening, speaking, and pronunciation.  Students in the ESL program improve their comprehension, fluency, and comfort levels in English, gain college success skills, and prepare for more advanced courses.

3.   Speech -- The Speech Department offers a range of courses to improve oral communication skills in a variety of settings. The offerings include Speech 120 (Interpersonal Communication), Speech 122 (Public Speaking), Speech 124 (Career Communication), Speech 126 (Intercultural Communication), and Speech 128 (Critical Thinking and Argumentation).

4.  Modern Languages-- The Modern Languages Department offers classes in Spanish, French, Italian, and American Sign Language.  The Spanish for Heritage Speakers Program focuses on total fluency in reading and writing. Some Spanish classes are offered online, allowing students to attend classes via distance. Summer language programs have been offered in Mexico, Spain, Costa Rica, Peru, Guatemala, and France, giving students the opportunity to internationalize their language learning and practice.

Other Academic Support Services

1.  Napa Valley College Writing Center -- Students may come to the Writing Center, located in Room 832, on a drop-in basis for up to four hours per semester to get feedback on essays and other writing assignments. Those who wish to combine such feedback with more intensive work on their composition skills and/or on specific skill areas of grammar, sentence structure, punctuation, spelling, and vocabulary may enroll in the Writing Center class, English 84. This class provides self-paced coursework individually tailored to the students' needs. The Writing Center's day and evening hours are posted on the door of Room 832. When classes are in session, students may call 256-7640 to hear a recording listing the hours.

2.   The Testing and Tutoring Center -- The Testing and Tutoring Center (TTC), located in Room 1764,  provides assessment for the English, math, ESL, G.E.D., and Health Occupations programs. The center also employs qualified, trained peer tutors for all subjects, except English. To schedule appointments call 256-7434.

3.   Diagnostic Learning Services -- The Diagnostic Learning Services Department, located in Room 1766 in the 1700 Building, serves the educational needs of students who are experiencing difficulty learning, including those students with learning disabilities.  NVC students may refer themselves for diagnostic evaluation. Information from this testing is used by Learning Disability Specialists to determine accommodations that may support students in being successful in the college environment. For an appointment call 256-7442.

4.   Developmental Studies/Reading Program -- The Developmental Studies/Reading Program provides coursework in basic skills (and is non-degree-applicable) so that students can develop and hone their reading, writing, and computational skills necessary for successful enrollment in college-level coursework. These courses include those specifically designed for the learning disabled student.