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New Faculty Learning Community Training Strands

2013-2014 Schedule


Getting Started at Napa Valley College

August 14th 10:00   – 12:00 TLC Room 1770


Join Shawna Bynum, Second Vice President of the Academic Senate, to learn about the

components and requirements of the faculty evaluation process.


Jessica Millikan, Associate Dean of Admissions and Records, will discuss essential

information to get started as new faculty.  Topics include:

·         Using WebAdvisor to retrieve and update rosters, adding/dropping students, posting grades, finding classes and sending class email


Lunch with Interim Vice President of Instruction, Faye Smyle and the Instruction Council members

                                                                            1:30- 4:00

Karen Smith from Informational Technology will review:

·         Using the campus dual phone system, setting up your voicemail and accessing your phone messages on and off campus

·         Accessing your email on and off campus


Tereasa Snowder from Media Services will walk you through:

·         Mastering classroom technology

·         Who to contact (and how) when you need assistance

It’s All About Support!

September 6th 9:00 – 11:00   TLC Room 1770 

Meet Vice President of Student Services, Oscar De Haro, and learn about the various support systems offered through NVC including counseling, financial aid, TRIO, tutoring, student clubs and health and career centers.

NVC faculty librarian, Stephanie Grohs will instruct participants about resources available to faculty in the library, including online databases and electronic format periodicals.  

The Office of Instruction, We’re Here For You!

September 20th 9:00– 11:00   Office of Instruction Room 1535 

Join the Interim Vice President of Instruction, Faye Smyle for a discussion on how the Office of Instruction supports instructors and students. Various topics will be reviewed including the student complaint and grievance process.

Meet Amanda Badgett, Curriculum Committee Chair to learn about the purpose and responsibilities of the curriculum committee and how to use CurricuNET.


Fine Tune Your Teaching Using Brain-Based Research and Classroom Assessment Techniques (CATS)

October 4th 9:00 – 11:00   TLC Room 1770 

Rebecca Scott, Dean of Library and Learning Resources, will discuss how to apply current brain based theory to reach and teach students. Participants will also learn techniques for practical, fast and effective ongoing classroom evaluation methods using CATS.

Teaching Goals Inventory

October 18th 9:00 – 11:00 TLC Room 1770


This workshop will demonstrate use of the Teaching Goals Inventory (Angelo and Cross) to determine how effectively instructors are teaching and what students are learning.


Student Learning Outcomes and Assessments


November 1st 9:00 – 11:00   TLC Room 1770 

Student learning outcomes and assessments provide imperative feedback. This workshop will assist in writing SLOs and creating assessment methods.


Creating Inclusive Classrooms

November 15th 9:00 – 11:00   TLC Room 1770 

The Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) is a tool used to measure intercultural competence. This training will review the IDI, and discuss methods of creating inclusive classroom and campus environments.


Creating Exemplary Syllabi and Faculty WebPages

                                 December 6th 9:00 – 11:00  TLC Room 1770


Now is the time to review and revise your syllabi and faculty webpage for spring semester. Learn how to move your syllabus and webpage from “ho hum” to “oh wow!”

Spring Semester 2014 

Admissions and Records Essentials

February 7th 9:00 – 11:00   TLC Room 1770 

Jessica Millikan, Associate Dean, will lead this workshop on key A & R issues.  This training is open to all faculty.

Supporting Students with Disabilities

February 21st 9:00-11:00 TLC Room 1770

Rebecca Scott, Dean of Library and Learning Resources, will lead this session on teaching/counseling students with disabilities in the college setting. Key state and federal laws will be discussed.

Starting the Classroom Assessment Cycle

March 7th   9:00 - 11:00   TLC Room 1770 

Developing a system with continuous feedback on student learning is critical to improving

teaching/counseling.  NFLC members will develop discipline specific methods to assess learning.



March 21st, Room 1761

Utilizing Smartpens as a Universal Learning Tool, especially for math instruction

Participants will learn about utilizing Smartpens to improve students’ success in studying and comprehending classroom instruction. The program is overseen by faculty member, Stacey Kayden, but is run by students. Faculty and staff will learn about Smartpens, how they can be adapted to capture critical classroom instruction or instructor’s follow-up notes, and how all students can access these multisensory notes via the internet.  

The training will be divided into two parts.

Part One  10:00-12:00  "Smartpen as a Universal Learning Tool", demonstration on taking notes, learning the basics on using the digital tool, and discussing strategies on encouraging student use, and creating flip classroom applications.

  Part Two 12:00-2:00 "Technical Support for Smartpens", uploading notes to the internet, archiving notes, cleaning the Smartpen, printing paper, and creating watermarks.


Implementing Reading Apprenticeship Strategies in Your Class

April 4th 9:00 – 11:00   TLC Room 1770 

Reading Apprenticeship (RA) is an approach that has demonstrated significant gains in secondary student’s reading and writing abilities. Instructors, Kristie Iwamoto and Lisa Yanover will model how RA strategies can be implemented in any course.

Academic Senate Structure

April 18th 9:00 – 11:00 TLC Room 1770 

 Maria Biddenback, Academic Senate President, will lead this workshop on the structure, roles and functions of Academic Senate committees.   

 Best Practices for Teaching

May 2nd 9:00 am – 11:00 am TLC Room 1770

 Master NVC faculty will lead a roundtable discussion on using best practices to teach.


NFLC Meet with Dr. Terry Giugni

May 16th 9:00 – 11:00 TLC Room 1770

The Vice President of Instruction, Dr. Terry Giugni, will meet with the NFLC to gather feedback and suggestions about the first academic year.