Teaching and Learning Center

Effective Teaching Practices


CATS – Classroom Assessment Techniques: Classroom Assessment Techniques provide instant feedback to instructor’s regarding student learning.  These short and easy assessment techniques are meant to support faculty in gaining the information they need to determine if their students are understanding and learning the material. The assessments can be used continuously in any subject matter class without disturbing the flow of teaching.

Integrating Information Literacy: Incorporating Information Competency in our classrooms empowers our students with the skills to confidently approach assignments and to successfully navigate through the entire research process. Students who understand the cumulative steps involved in research will be better prepared for the rigors of academic life and demands of the workplace. In this workshop we will explore models of collaboration between faculty, librarians, and the resources of the entire LLRC. Areas of collaboration.

Syllabus Writing: Course syllabi and the student’s guide to courses. NVC faculty handbook has required elements and recommended elements. The layout and aesthetics of a syllabus can impact the student’s ability to use it. This workshop will focus on what it required, recommended, and a discussion about usefulness.

Syllabus Redesign- Qualities of the Exemplary Syllabus: This hands on workshop will give faculty time to review and incorporate qualities of an exemplary syllabus that goes beyond meeting the minimal requirements of Title 5. Learn how to embed qualities into your syllabus that are student friendly, learner centered, empowering and culturally/socially responsive. Faculty is encouraged to bring their syllabi to the workshop.