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Adjunct Faculty Resource Guide

Welcome Adjunct Faculty

Napa Valley College (NVC) is a special place to teach. Since it opened its doors more than seventy years ago, NVC has succeeded in providing an excellent educational experience. We are committed to achieving academic excellence in associate degree education, transfer education workforce development, general education, and lifelong learning.

We value the dedication and efforts of the adjunct faculty in providing quality education to our students. In order to assist you in carrying out the instructional mission of the college, this website will serve as a resource guide. Please review the information and links on this page to assist in answering questions that may arise during your time at NVC.   I highly recommend you begin with reading "Prior to the First Day" on pages 18 and 19 in the Adjunct Faculty Handbook. 

The Office of Instruction is available to help make your instructional assignment rewarding and meaningful, both for you and your students. In return, we ask that you be responsible for the information in the Adjunct Faculty handbook and that you seek clarification where you have questions. Our expectation is that through cooperation, respect, and high professional standards, quality education will be delivered to the members of our college community.


Dr. Terry Giugni
Vice President, Instruction 


Getting Started: Topics to Review in the Adjunct Faculty Handbook

  • Adding/Dropping Students within the first week of class (pgs. 21 & 29, current Schedule of Classes)
  • Class Syllabus (purpose and content, pg. 15)
  • College Policies
       Prerequisites/Challenges (pg. 27)
       Credit by Examination (pg. 23)
       Independent Study (pg. 26)
  • Grade Changes (pg. 25)
  • Grade Rosters (pg. 28)
  • Incomplete Contracts (pg. 24)
  • Mailboxes/Campus Mail (pg. 17)
  • "Prior to the First Day" section of the handbook (pgs. 18-19)
  • Waitlist (pg. 29)
  • WebAdvisor (pg. 27 & 28)


Getting Started: Important Information

Classroom Protocol (available soon)
Important Academic Dates (calendar view)
Important Academic Dates  (list view in Schedule of Classes)
Successful Teaching Tips (available soon)


Division and Department Contacts

Arts and Humanities Division  Chair: Erik Shearer

Counseling Division   Chair: Marci Sanchez

Criminal Justice Training Department   Dean: Greg Miraglia

Health Occupations Division   Dean: John Mercer

Business and Computer Studies Department   Dean: Greg Miraglia

Language and Developmental Studies Division   Chair: Maria Villagomez
Social Sciences Division   Chair: Dr. John Liscano

Physical Education Division   Dean:  Bob Harris

Science, Mathematics and Engineering   Chair: Dr. Stephanie Burns

Technology Division   Dean: Greg Miraglia