Welcome to the Wine Country Regional Simulation Center

Vision Statement:  “Pioneer a premier and unique 21st Century learning environment that is sensitive to demands for student access, worker competency, lifelong learning needs, and the capacity to enhance patient care and reduce associated risks.”

Welcome to the Wine Country Regional Simulation Center, WCRSC, web page.  The WCRSC, a Napa Valley and Solano Community College joint project with local partner hospitals, is a 3,016 square foot facility located in the Yountville Veteran's Home, Holderman Hospital. 

WCRSC is just one of the 14 objectives of the Center for Nursing Expansion and Innovation to address the national nursing shortage which is reaching a critical level.  Napa Valley College and Solano Community College proposed a unique partnership, joining with local hospitals and the Solano County Workforce Investment Board.  Together, the partners designed a Center for Nursing Expansion and Innovation, Associate Degree Nursing Program work plan that includes detailed steps to expand the capacity of the nursing programs by 190 students.  Currently, potential students hoping to enter the Nursing programs must add their name to the waiting lists that presently exceed 400 students for both colleges, Napa Valley and Solano.

This project will be a model for dissemination throughout the state.  Staff will provide sample materials, make workshop and conference presentations, maintain a website, and host visits from other community colleges.

We have now been in operation since 2005.  In addition to providing Simulated Clinical Experiences for the ADN programs at Solano Community College and Napa Valley College we are now offering ACLS, PALS and various other health professional continuing education classes which include Simulated Clinical Experiences utilizing high fidelity, life like adult, pediatric or infant mannequins.

Holderman Hospital grounds

The Holderman Hospital is located at 160 California Drive, Yountville CA  94599.  To get here, take the exit to Yountville off of Highway 29, turn left and go under the highway.  You will cross over railroad tracks and pass a security office on your right.  Follow the tree lined drive onto the Veterans Home Campus.  After you turn left at the T in the road, please park in the first parking lot on the left.  Walk along the side walks until you reach the loading dock area of the Hospital (past the Chapel, the Hospital is the first big building on the left).  Enter the facility using the stairs next to the loading dock and proceed to the end of the hall, to 
the elevators on the left.  Take the left elevator only, pressing 1R on the back panel to access the Sim Center. 

The Simulators

Adult Simulator

Pediatric Simulator







Baby Simulator

The Wine Country Regional Simulation Center currently has 4 Adult Simulators, 2 Pediatric Simulators, and 2 Baby Simulators in 6 ICU rooms. 




Napa Valley College career technical education programs are open and available to all students regardless of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.  Admission requirements for Napa Valley College career technical education programs are described in the current Napa Valley College catalog.  The Napa Valley College Title IX officer is Laura Ecklin, Dean of Human Resources (Phone: 707-256-7100, Room 1544).  The Section 504 compliance officer is Rebecca Scott (Phone: 707-256-7438, Room 1735-C).

NVC Clinical Group

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