HEOC Skills Lab

Welcome to the Skills Lab home page

The skills lab has hours available when you may come into the lab to practice your skills
These hours are shown on the "Open Lab" Calendar
Most "Open Lab" hours will be in the Skills Lab Annex (room 812) 
 If the box under the date says "All Labs Closed", it indicates "Open Lab" hours are not available on that day
Click here to check the lab


The skills lab is a relaxed environment with equipment and assistance available to help you become  knowledgeable in your new field.  It is a place where you can feel comfortable learning and practicing your skills; a place where you are allowed to make and learn from your mistakes.  I am here to guide you, to support you in your learning process and to help you prepare for your new profession.  All students enrolled in either the Psychiatric Technician or Nursing programs are welcome. 

Don't Forget:

  ** When you come in to use the lab during Open Lab hours, make sure to sign in and out on           the timekeeper computer!

I am looking forward to seeing you soon!




To contact me:   Crystal = Office phone: 256-7607  or  e-mail: cluikart@napavalley.edu