Napa Valley College Catalog

The NVC Catalog is published by the Office of Instruction Bi-Annually, with a supplement published in the intermediate years.  The catalog is the first place you should look for information on the college, processes and programs, and important information every student needs.  Degree requirements, Programs and Course Announcements can be found here.

You may download the catalog in whole from the downloads section below--you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to read the files.  It is available for download from Adobe for free.

2012 - 2014 Catalog


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2012-2014 Supplement


The 2012-2014 Catalog has been revised to reflect the most current and accurate program and course information. If you purchased a catalog from the bookstore, please refer to the online version for updated information.

Every measure has been taken to provide important and accurate information to assist our students, faculty and staff. Please contact the Scheduling Office at (707) 256-7151 or (707) 256-7152 if you have any questions.

2010-2012 Catalog


2008-2010 Catalog

2006-2008 Catalog

2004-2006 Catalog

2010-2012 Catalog Cover

Cover of 2008-10 catalog

 Cover of 06-08 catalog

Cover of 2004-06 catalog

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Catalog Rights

Students have two options regarding the requirements for the associate degree (graduation requirements).  They are eligible to graduate under the catalog in effect at the time they petition to graduate, whether or not they maintain continuous enrollment at the college.

Students who maintain continuous enrollment (by taking at least one course each academic year—fall or spring semester) may also elect to graduate under the catalog in effect during initial enrollment at Napa Valley College.

Please Note:  Catalog rights do not apply to modifications to entrance requirements for programs (e.g., ADN, Respiratory Therapy, etc.) or program prerequisites.  Consult the catalog supplement and a counselor for any changes to these requirements.

NVC Catalog 2006-2008, p. 60