VTEA Grant Program - Perkins IV

Student smiling in front of bulletin boardThis page is dedicated to supporting Napa Valley College programs supported by the Carl Perkins VTEA IV Program administered by the United States Department of Education and the California Community College Chancellor's Office.

At Napa Valley College, the VTEA grant is administered by the Office of Career Technical Education and Office of Instruction. Greg Miraglia is responsible for the overall administration of the grant. Beth Pratt serves as the liaison with the Chancellor's Office and is responsible for all reporting of grant activities.

The current VTEA grant, also known as "Perkins IV" was signed into law in 2006. It provides funding to support career technical education programs through 2012. The focus of grant this term is on acountability and program improvement, increased coordination with career technical education and the community, stronger academic and technical integration, connections between secondary and postsecondary education, and a stronger focus on business and industry.

A significant change in the VTEA program this term is level of accountability required to continue receiving funding. VTEA project coordinators will be required to help us measure the required "core indicators" that include technical skill attainment, program completion (certificates, degrees, transfer-ready), persistence and transfer, employment placement, and equity (under represented identity groups in industry).

Planning for VTEA funded projects is done concurrently with the regular college budget and planning process.  Justification for projects is based on the most recent Program Evaluation Process report, recommendations from program advisory committees, and campus-wide planning priorities.  All proposed projects are included in area and division unit plans. 

Every VTEA funded project must be linked to one of the "required" or "permissive" uses (see the drop down menu on the project proposal form). Projects that address a "required" use will likely get preference over those that meet a "permissive" use. Keep in mind that all projects evaluated against the "core indicators" described above. In order to continue receiving funds, we must prove that the projects we fund are impacting the "core indicators" in a positive way.

Napa Valley College career technical education programs are open and available to all students regardless of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression. Admission requirements for Napa Valley College career technical education programs are described in the current Napa Valley College catalog. The Napa Valley College Title IX officer is Laura Ecklin (Phone: 707-256-7105, Room 1544B). The Section 504 compliance officer is Rebecca Scott (Phone: 707-256-7438, Room 1735-C).