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Business and Computer Studies

Welcome to the BCS Division

Dean of Career Technical Education (Business & Computer Studies)
Greg Miraglia
(707) 256-7710
1007 (1000 bldg. ground floor/CJT)

Division Secretary
Stacy Hitchcock
(707) 256-7703
1003B (1000 bldg. ground floor/CJT)

Instructional Assistant
Valerie Exum
(707) 256-7143
1436 (Business Skills Center)
Business Skills Center, and Adjunct Instructor

Full-Time Faculty

Dave Angelovich  
(707) 256-7739
1030I (Faculty Offices)
Accounting Program Coordinator
Instructor for Accounting
Faculty Web Page

Julie Hall 
(707) 256-7762
1031O (Faculty Offices)

Business Administration Program Coordinator
Instructor of Business Skills Center & Business Courses
Faculty Web Page
Brad Engeldinger
(707) 256-7753
1031F (Faculty Offices)
Hospitality & Tourism Management Project Coordinator 
Instructor of Hospitality Courses

Robert Miller
(707) 256-7755
1031H (Faculty Offices)

Computer Studies Program Coordinator 
Instructor of Computer Studies
Faculty Web Page

Debra Saunders 
(707) 256-7142
1437 (Business Skills Center)
Office Administration Program Coordinator

Instructor of Business Skills Center & Business Courses

Adjunct Faculty

Marc Anderson-BUSI

Scott Butler-ACCT

Robert Derbin-BUSI

Jason Diaz-BUSI

Valerie Exum-BUSI/CISA

Fayez El Giheny-ACCT

Harvey Gullickson-BUSI

Charles Gravett-BUSI


Janice Klemz-CISA/COMS


Charles Monahan-BUSI/HOSP

Suzanne Murphy-CISA

Brenda Perry-ACCT

Heather Piazza-BUSI

Beth Pratt-BUSI/HOSP

Rafael Rey-ACCT

Claudette Shatto-BUSI


William Wrenn-CISA/CISN/COMS