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AA Degree in Music

Music AA Degree

This degree provides a foundation in music that is for students interested in pursuing a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music or pursuing a career in the musical entertainment industry.  Music majors are urged to take private instruction along with class lesson in their specialization each semester.  Student may select between two music emphasis: --Instrumental or Vocal. 

Student Learning Outcomes

1. Apply skills essential for either instrumental or vocal performance in music.

2. Collaborate with others through rehearsal and performance of a solo and ensemble  performance for peer, 
professional or academic review.

3. Show an aesthetic appreciation of music.

Required Core Courses (15 units)

Music 112       Survey and Appreciation of Music                  (3 units)
Music 121       Music Theory 1                                               (3 units)
Music 122       Music Theory 2                                               (3 units)
Music 135       Beginning Piano                                              (2 units)
Music 235       Intermediate Piano                                          (4 units)


Electives for the Vocal Emphasis (10 units from the following courses):

Music 130       Beginning Voice                                              (2 units)
Music 230       Intermediate Voice                                           (2-4 units)
Music 134       Lyric Diction for Singers                                  (3 units)
Music 120       Music Reading & Sight Singing                       (2 units)
Music 160       College Chorale                                               (1-4 units)
Music 161       Vocal Ensemble                                               (1-4 units)
Music 166       Women’s Chorale                                            (1-2 units)
Music 260       Vocal Performance Seminar                            (1-4 units)


Electives for the Instrumental Emphasis (10 units from the following courses):

Music 176       Repertory Orchestra                                       (1-4 units)
Music 174       Rehearsal and Performance Lab: Strings       (1-4 units)
Music 181       Jazz Ensemble                                                (1-4 units)
Music 185       Stage Band                                                     (1-4 units)
Music 179       Repertory Wind Ensemble                              (1-4 units)
Music 177       Rehearsal and Performance Lab: Winds        (1-4 units)
Music 280       Instrumental Performance Seminar                 (1-4 units)
Music 140       Beginning Guitar                                             (2 units)
Music 240       Intermediate Guitar                                          (2 units)
Music 114       History of Jazz                                                 (3 units)
Music 150       Beginning Percussion                                      (2 units)


AA in Music
For more information, contact:
Dr. Eve-Anne Wilkes
Music Coordinator/Division Chair