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AS in Photography

AS Degree in Photography

Associate of Science Degree in Photography This degree provides a comprehensive foundations program in Photography that is appropriate as a general transfer program for students interested in pursuing a BA or BFA in Photography or for students interested in working in the Photography field. This program offers two options: an AS in Photography or a pre-transfer emphasis Photography AS. Students interested in the pre-transfer AS option should consult with a counselor to determine the appropriate General Education pattern for the transfer school of their choice based on the CSU GE or IGETC lists.  

Student Learning Outcomes 
Upon successful completion of this sequence of courses, the student should be able to:  

  • Critically evaluate and understand the aesthetic, cultural, and political development of Photography in historical and contemporary cultures. 
  • Create finished images for professional/fine art applications based on principles of effective design and communication.  
  • Express ideas in visual terms. 
  • Present finished design products for peer, professional or academic review. 
  • Evaluate and critique graphic design work and receive criticism from others.  
  • Work collaboratively and communicate effectively with others on photographic projects

    Traditional Option Core Courses: 15 units
    PHOT 120 Introduction to Photography                                                         (3 units)
    PHOT 121 Basic Photography Lab                                                               (3 units)
    PHOT 122 Intermediate Photography                                                           (3 units)
    PHOT 180 History of Photography                                                                 (3 units)
    PHOT 280 Portfolio Development                                                                  (3 units) 

    Digital Option Core Classes: 15 units
    PHOT 120 Introduction to Photography                                                         (3 units)
    PHOT 150 Digital Photography                                                                      (1-3 units)
    PHOT 151 Digital Photography                                                                      (2-3 units)
    PHOT 180 History of Photography                                                                 (3 units)
    PHOT 280 Portfolio Development                                                                  (3 units) 

    Electives: Select 9 units from the following:
    PHOT 130 Documentary Photography                                                          (3 units)
    PHOT 123 Advanced Photography                                                               (3 units) 
    PHOT 152 Digital Photography                                                                      (3 units)
    PHOT 153a Aperture                                                                                       (1.5 units)
    PHOT 153b Lightroom                                                                                     (1.5 units)
    PHOT 155 The Digital Fine Print                                                                    (2 units)
    PHOT 181 Contemporary Issues in Photo                                                     (3 units)
    PHOT 199 Independent Study                                                                         (1-3 units)
    PHOT 240 Experimental Techniques                                                             (3 units)
    PHOT 250 Portrait Photography                                                                     (3 units)
    PHOT 260 Product and Advertising Photography                                        (3 units)
    ART 270: Professional Practices                                                                   (2 units)
    PHOT 281 Digital Tools For Artist Promotion                                               (3 units)
    PHOT 290 The Napa Valley Grid Project                                                       (1 unit)
    PHOT 298 Selected Topics in Photography                                                  (1 -3 units)
    PHOT 300 The Expressive Print                                                                      (1 unit)
    PHOT 301 Location Lighting for Portraiture                                                   (1 unit)
    PHOT 303 Zone System Workshop                                                                (1 unit)

    General Education Requirements (36-39 units minimum):
    Students must consult with a counselor to select the appropriate General Education pattern for the transfer school of their choice based on the CSU GE or IGETC lists. 

    Suggested Sequence:

    First Semester (Fall)            Units
    PHOT 120                                  3
    GE requirements                        2

    Second Semester (Spring)
    PHOT 150 or 121                      3
    PHOT electives                          6 
    GE requirements                       6

    Third Semester (Fall)  
    PHOT 152 or 122                      3
    PHOT electives                          3
    GE requirements                       9

    Fourth Semester (Spring)
    PHOT 280                                 3
    PHOT 281                                 3
    GE requirements                       9


    AS Degree in Photography
    For more information, contact:
    John Dotta
    Photography Coordinator