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AA-T Degree in Theater Arts

Theater Arts AA-T Degree 
This degree provides a comprehensive foundation in theater preparation for transfer to Baccalaureat programs for theater majors in the California State University System.  To fulfill the requirements for this degree, students will complete lower division major preparation courses listed below and the appropriate general education pattern (CSU GE or IGETC).  Additional NVC graduation requirements do not apply to this degree.  Students must pass all courses in the area of emphasis with a minimum of "C" and maintain an overall minimum 2.0 GPA.  Additionally, students pursuing this degree option must work with a counselor and faculty advisor to ensure appropriate elective course selections for their intended area of emphasis, e.g. Theater Arts.

Career Opportunities in Theater Arts
This degree is non-vocational and is specifically geared for transfer to the CSU system.

Student Learning Outcomes
1.  Analyze dramatic literature
2.  Show a cultural and artistic appreciation of theatre arts
3.  Demonstrate basic theater performance and production skills
4.  Produce a piece of theatrical art for peer, professional and academic review.

Required Core Courses   (9 units from the following)

THEA 100:      Introduction to Theater                                     (3 units)
THEA 105:      Diversity in American Drama                             (3 units)
THEA 110:      Technique of Acting                                          (3 units)
THEA 141:      Stagecraft                                                        (3 units)

In addition student must take up to 3 units from one of the following courses: 

THEA151:      Theater Production: Contemporary                      (0.5 - 3 units)        
THEA 153:     Musical Theater Production:  Repertory                (0.5 - 3 units)
THEA 154:     Theater Production:  Repertory                            (0.5 - 3 units)
THEA 152:     Theater Production:  Young Audiences                  (0.5 - 3 units)
THEA 166:     Musical Theater Production: Young Audiences       (0.5 - 3 units)
THEA 167:     Musical Theater Production: Broadway                 (0.5 - 3 units)
THEA 168:     Musical Theater Production: Contemporary           (0.5 - 3 units)
THEA 140:     Technical Theater in Production                           (3 units)

Elective Courses (9 units from among the following)
THEA 140:     Technical Theater in Production                                   (1-3 units)
THEA 141:     Stagecraft                                                                      (3 units)
THEA 142:     Introduction to Stage Costume and Design                   (3 units)
THEA 151:     Theater Production: Contemporary                                (3 units)
THEA 152:     Theater Production: Young Audiences                           (3 units)
THEA 153:     Musical Theater Production: Repertory                          (3 units)
THEA 154:     Theater Production: Repertory                                       (3 units)
THEA 156:     Theater Production: Classical                                        (3 units)
THEA 166:     Musical Theater Production: Young Audiences             (3 units)
THEA 167:     Musical Theater Production: Broadway                         (3 units)
THEA 168:     Musical Theater Production: Contemporary                  (3 units)

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For more information, contact:
Jennifer King
Theater Department Coordinator