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AA Degree in Musical Theater


AA Musical Theater

This degree provides a foundation in musical theater for students interested in pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theater or pursuing a career in the music entertainment industry.  To fulfill the requirements for this degree, students will complete the required courses for one of three areas of emphasis and work with a counselor to determine the appropriate pattern of general education courses based on the student’s individual educational goals.    

 Total Units: 60

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this degree, the student should be able to:

1.     Collaborate with others through rehearsal and performance of a musical theater production for peer, professional
        or acdemic review.

2.     Apply skills essential for performing in a musical.

3.     Show an aesthetic appreciation of musical theater.

A.  Required Core Courses (12 units)

THEA 100         Survey and App. of Theater          (3 units)

MUSI 121          Music Theory 1                               (3 units) 

THEA 110         Technique of Acting                       (3 units)

MUSI 170          Musical Theater Repertory            (3 units)

B.  Restricted Electives (9 units)

MUSI 110          Fundamentals of Music                  (3 units)

MUSI 122          Music Theory 2                                (3 units)

MUSI 128          Audition Techniques                       (1 unit)

MUSI 133          Musical Theater Voice                   (2 units)

MUSI 160          College Chorale                              (1 unit)

MUSI 162          Gospel Choir                                   (1 unit) 

THEA 153         Musical Theater Production           (1-3 units)

THEA 155         Dance Theater Production             (1-3 units)

THEA 135         Stage Movement                             (2 units)

THEA 220         Professional Acting                         (2 units)

THEA 224         Fundamentals of Acting                  (3 units)


AA Degree in Musical Theater
For More information, contact:
Dr. Eve-Anne Wilkes         or       Jennifer King
 Music Coordinator                      Theater Director