Arts and Humanities

AA Degree in Humanities and Philosophy

This degree focuses on studying and analyzing the interplay of significant philosophical, artistic, historical, political, religious, and cultural issues. Students will have a historical understanding of major civilizations and cultures, both Western and non-Western, as well as an understanding and appreciation of the contributions and perspectives of prominent intellectual women and men, including those ethnic and other minorities.

To complete this AA degree, a student needs to accomplish 9 units in Humanities plus 9 units in Philosophy, for a combined total of 18 units.



Choose three courses from the following for a total of 9 units.


Choose three courses from the following for a total of 9 units.

HUMA 100

The American Mind I

HUMA 101

The American Mind II

HUMA 104

Comparative Religion

HUMA 125

Hispanic Civilizations

HUMA 151

Women’s Ethnic Heritage

HUMA 160

Filipina(o)-American Heritage

PHIL 120

Introduction to Philosophy I

PHIL 121

Introduction to Philosophy II

PHIL 125

Introduction to Ethics

PHIL 130

Introduction to Logic

PHIL 133

World Philosophy

PHIL 134

Philosophy of Religion

AA Humanities and Philosophy
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