Arts and Humanities

AA Degree in Art History

Pre-transfer A.A. Degree in Art History (24 units)

This degree offers a foundation of lower division courses enabling students to pursue a B.A. in Art History at a four-year institution.  With this degree, students will succeed in a university environment and apply their acquired knowledge in multiple art-related opportunities, such as Art history research, museology, gallery management.  Students should consult with a counselor to determine the appropriate General Education pattern for the transfer school of their choice based on the CSU GE or IGETC lists.

 Student Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this sequence of courses, the student should be able to:

 ·       Identify the interrelationship of form and content in the artworks and monuments of Europe, Asia,    
and the Americas.
Develop critical interdisciplinary thinking, both in oral and written form, through comparative analysis 
and development of visual acuity.
Apply art history terminology in the analysis and evaluation of works of art and architecture.
Locate works of art and architecture within diverse historical, political, religious and philosophical
Discern and appreciate the wide range of ethnically, culturally, and socially diverse art forms,
representations, and practices.
Recognize specific historiographic, theoretical and critical perspectives which have shaped art history
as a discipline.
·        Communicate, through written tests, presentations, and oral discussions, the intersection of form, 
content, and patronage in the formation of visual culture.

 Core Courses (18 units)

ARTH              105                  Art History: Prehistoric to Medieval              (3 units)
ARTH              106                  Art History: Renaissance to Modern              (3 units)
ARTH              114                  History of Renaissance & Baroque Art           (3 units)
ARTH              118                  Survey of Modern Art                                  (3 units)
ARTH              130                  History of Asian Art                                    (3 units)
ART                120                  Two Dimensional Design                             (3 units)

Electives: Select 6 units from the following
ARTH              110                  History of Graphic Design                             (3 units)
ARTH              120                  History of American Art                                (3 units)
ARTH              140                  History of Islamic Art                                   (3 units)
ARTH              215                  History of Women in the Visual Arts               (3 units)
ARTH              210                  Survey of Contemporary Art                           (3 units)
HIST               122                  World Civilization I                                      (3 units)
HIST               123                  World Civilization II                                     (3 units)

General Education Requirements (36-39 units minimum)
Students must consult with a counselor to select the appropriate General Education pattern for the transfer school of their choice based on the CSU GE or IGETC lists.   

AA Degree in Art History
For more information, contact:
Amanda Badgett
Art History Coordinator