Research & Data Analysis

Office of Institutional Research Mission

The Office of Institutional Research designs, conducts, and presents the results of research projects examining institutional effectiveness, the success of college programs and services, and the performance of NVC students.  The office collects data from student records and from surveys of students, staff, and the surrounding community to describe the state of the college, assess needs, and inform decision-making processes.  This website contains reports produced by the NVC Office of Institutional Research, as well as newsletters describing ongoing research projects and outlining research developments at the state level.  The site includes links to external data sources, including the California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office Data Mart, as well as a link to order a research request form from the Office of Institutional Research.

Robyn Wornall, Ph.D.
(707) 256-7192
Research Analyst
Christopher Farmer
(707) 256-7191

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