Napa Valley College Strategic Plan, 2014 - 2019

Goal 1: Improve Student Success
  1. Facilitate a seamless progression of students from the moment of first contact to goal achievement
  2. Provide a high-quality and safe environment that is conducive to learning
  3. Enhance availability and use of technology to support student learning and achievement
  4. Provide a variety of opportunities for students to gain knowledge and experience relevant to current educational and industry needs
  5. Promote academic excellence and evaluate delivery of instruction and services to ensure that they address student needs
  6. Evaluate and increase the use of outcomes assessment results and data to improve student learning and achievement
Goal 2: Promote a Culture of Connectedness & Inclusivity
  1. Enhance internal communication and collaboration throughout the campus community
  2. Foster a culture of participatory governance
  3. Create an immersive and engaging student experience
  4. Ensure accurate and consistent information is communicated throughout the campus and the college’s geographic service area
  5. Strengthen external relationships and expand partnerships
  6. Foster a culture of inclusivity that acknowledges and recognizes diversity in all its forms.
Goal 3: Strengthen Institutional Effectiveness
  1. Increase capacity for and practice data-informed decision-making
  2. Promote a culture of continuous improvement, review, and accountability
  3. Provide professional development opportunities that support and enhance the effectiveness of college employees
  4. Develop and secure resources to support the mission of the college and its plans
  5. Promote initiatives that contribute to the long-term sustainability and vitality of the college
  6. Establish practices that enhance the college’s ability to adapt to future demands
  7. Develop and use technology to increase efficiencies and institutional effectiveness
Goal 4: Integrate Planning, Budgeting, & Decision-Making
  1. Increase efficiency and linkage in the planning and budget allocation process
  2. Strengthen integrated planning
  3. Increase the effectiveness of methods for communicating and documenting decisions

Approved by Planning Committee April 4, 2014
Approved by Board of Trustees May 8, 2014

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