Research, Planning and Institutional Effectiveness

Planning Committee

Charge of the Committee:

The Napa Valley College Board of Trustees established the Planning Committee and charged it with the following responsibilities:

The Planning Committee shall:
1.      Review, revise, and recommend to the Board of Trustees vision and mission statements for Napa Valley
      College.  Final recommending authority to the Board of Trustees on the vision statement and mission
      statement rests with the president; final approval authority rests with the Board of Trustees.
2.      Develop and recommend to the Board of Trustees strategic institutional plans and annual institutional goals
      and objectives for implementing the vision and the mission of the college. Final recommending authority to
      the Board of Trustees rests with the president; final approval authority rests with the Board of Trustees.
3.      Review all college plans and the results of the institutional Program Evaluation and Planning Process.
4.      Endorse all college plans for consistency with the Planning and Budget Philosophy.
5.      Coordinate and integrate college plans designated by the Planning Committee and establish priorities
      consistent with the college's vision and mission statements.

Functions of the Committee:

To fulfill their charge, the Planning Committee shall perform the functions stated below:

The Planning Committee shall:
1.      Develop Planning Committee operating practices; revise practices if necessary (BOAPC).
2.      Meet annually with the Board of Trustees and president to establish planning priorities.
3.      Develop, and revise on a regular basis the strategic institutional plan, which states long-term institutional
      goals and objectives for Napa Valley College.
a.   Consider internal and external sources of information. 
b.   Identify annual institutional goals and objectives to guide the planning of areas/units. 
4.      Provide recommendations and guidance to groups responsible for other college plans, such as Matriculation,
      Facilities, and Perkins, Career Technical Education Act.
5.      Establish planning guidelines consistent with the budget process.
6.      Establish, with the Budget Committee, master and annual timelines to coordinate the efforts of the two 
      committees to meet state mandates for budget adoption.
7.      Conduct a regular planning process evaluation; if necessary, modify the process in a manner consistent with
      shared governance policy and law.

Bryan Avila
Glen Bell
Maria Biddenback (Co-Chair)
Stephanie Burns
David Ellingson
Steve Krebs
Lynda Monger
Mary Shea
Carollee Cattolica
Matt Christensen
Oscar De Haro
Chris Farmer
Sue Nelson
Shea Tanner (Student Rep)
Joann Stubitsch
Robyn Wornall (Co-Chair)
Meeting time: 10-12
Meeting location: 1763A
Spring 2013
March 15
April 5
April 19
May 3

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Planning and Budget Process
Board Policy D1150