Research, Planning and Institutional Effectiveness

Perceptions of "Campus Pulse" Descriptors

A summary of student responses to the “campus pulse” portion of the survey was included in Phase I of the results process.  Student perceptions of NVC were presented alongside faculty and staff perceptions to facilitate comparison of the two groups. 

In Phase II, student perceptions of NVC along the 12 descriptors listed below were examined among 73 subgroups of students, defined by their demographic/experiential background.  Based on students’ responses to questions in Section III of the campus climate survey, students were assigned to subgroups across 21 categories.   

To view the tables reporting student responses by demographic/experiential groups, click on the individual descriptors below.  (There are 10 pages of tables associated with each descriptor.)

Descriptor 1: Welcoming - Unwelcoming
Descriptor 2: Friendly - Unfriendly
Descriptor 3: Safe - Unsafe
Descriptor 4: Helpful - Unhelpful
Descriptor 5: Fair - Unfair
Descriptor 6: Supportive - Unsupportive
Descriptor 7: Accessible/User-Friendly - Inaccessible/Complicated
Descriptor 8: Respectful - Disrespectful 
Descriptor 9: Accepting - Rejecting
Descriptor 10: Responsive - Unresponsive
Descriptor 11: Cooperative - Uncooperative
Descriptor 12: Encouraging - Discouraging