Institutional Learning Outcomes

Students who receive a degree from Napa Valley College will demonstrate the following:

  1. Communication & Collaboration
  2. Critical Thinking & Information Competency
  3. Global Awareness & Civic Responsibility
  4. Personal Responsibility

1. Communication & Collaboration, assessed as the ability to:

  • Create and communicate thoughts, ideas, and information effectively
  • Write using appropriate language, syntax, and grammar
  • Listen, receive, and evaluate verbal and non-verbal messages
  • Develop and deliver effective presentations tailored to appropriate audiences
  • Participate in conversations and class discussions
  • Work effectively as a member of a group/team
  • Leverage appropriate technology to convey information

2. Critical Thinking & Information Competency, assessed as the ability to:

  • Read and interpret college-level texts
  • Conduct research and obtain information from reliable sources
  • Differentiate between facts, influences, assumptions, and conclusions
  • Analyze, evaluate, and synthesize information
  • Cite sources correctly, using established formats/standards
  • Apply logic to draw conclusions
  • Conduct calculations and solve problems using quantitative reasoning
  • Interpret visual information conveyed through images, graphs, charts, and diagrams
  • Demonstrate technological fluency
  • Evaluate alternatives, anticipate possible outcomes, and make informed decisions

3. Global Awareness & Civic Responsibility, assessed as the ability to:

  • Understand local, national, and global issues
  • Understand the relationship between human behavior and the physical environment
  • Understand and appreciate artistic expression and the role of art in culture, history, and social critique
  • Identify, examine, and evaluate social justice issues and concepts
  • Identify unique features among various cultures
  • Describe and demonstrate intercultural competency
  • Apply scientific principles to measure and observe the physical world
  • Explore and apply ethical standards to evaluate behavior

4. Personal Responsibility, assessed as the ability to:

  • Assess individual knowledge, skills, and abilities
  • Set goals and develop plans to achieve them
  • Identify resources to support goal attainment
  • Receive constructive criticism and respond appropriately

What are ILO's?


Institution-Level Outcomes (ILOs) are the Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) that Napa Valley College has defined at the institutional level. The ILOs identify the most important, general skills that students who receive a degree should acquire while attending Napa Valley College (NVC).

ILOs are intended to identify:
  • Napa Valley College‚Äôs expectations of itself and its graduates;
  • General skills that degree recipients will obtain through the course of their studies;
  • General skills that students will obtain as a result of completing the General Education pattern;
  • Building blocks that contribute to attainment of the general skill areas; and
  • A common set of goals across courses, programs, and services.

More Information
Clarification of the ILO Process