Program Evaluation and Planning (PEP)

What is PEP?

The Program Evaluation and Planning (PEP) process combines self-study, evaluation, planning and budgeting for all instructional programs, student services, and administrative services at Napa Valley College. Each program completes the evaluation and planning process at least once every six years (more often if necessary).

At the core of the Program Evaluation and Planning process is a self-study, conducted by faculty and staff within the program. The value of the self-study process for the program is that it:

  • Identifies strengths and successes of the program, as well as areas for improvement;
  • Improves the program, as the process yields explicit planning goals;
  • Maximizes the possibility of obtaining resources, as resource requests are tied directly to planning goals and based on evidence; and
  • Promotes awareness the program, as the results of the process are shared with the campus community.

Program Evaluation covers the following major areas:

  1. Mission
  2. Accreditation, Licensing & Previous PEP
  3. Curriculum & Instruction (for instructional programs);
  4. Services & Service Area Outcomes Assessment (for services)
  5. Community Outreach & Articulation
  6. Enrollment Trends & Student Satisfaction/Client Satisfaction
  7. Student Success & Equity
  8. Current Budget (for services)

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