Measure N

Project Information - Completed & Future

Since 2002, when voters passed Measure N, Napa Valley College has returned millions of dollars back to the community in the form of construction and design contracts.

NEW! -- Napa Valley College Fire Alarm Monitoring Upgrade

Completed Projects -- Highlights of completed projects

Green Projects -- Sustainable and environmentally friendly development

Historic Preservation - Bus Station West

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Infrastructure, infrastructure, infrastructure...

In the beginning, before new buildings could be built or existing ones modernized, the campus had to undergo extensive, and oftentimes invisible, infrastructure upgrades...
Completed to date -- Cost saving improvements including the following infrastructure projects:

  • new Central Boiler Plant -- high efficiency boilers to heat campus buildings (20% reduction in natural gas usage)
  • new Central Chilled Water Plant -- to cool campus buildings (see also our Green Projects)
  • new underground hot and chilled water piping to existing campus buildings and future building sites -- to transport hot and chilled water for HVAC
  • expanded and renovated parking lots -- to accomodate increasing enrollment and impacted conditons