Completed Elements of the Facilities Master Plan

Completed Projects List


Fire Alarm Panel Upgrade  Bldg 200; Fire Alarm Systyem Upgrade Bldg 1000A
Modular Classrooms
South Campus Landscaping Phase I
Pool Deck Replacement
Proto Restrooms
T8 Transformer Replacement
Winery Pad Canopy
Furniture Warehouse foundation
South Campus Parking & Landscaping
Furniture Warehouse Erection
Gym Domestic Hot Water
Pool Boiler
Gym Floor & Bleachers
UVC Kitchen/Library Expansions
Metro PCS Radio Tower
Drinking Fountain Replacement
Gym Transformer Replacement
Photovoltaic Array Installation
Building 100 Roof Replacement
UVC Stucco Recladding
Blue Phones
Tennis Courts
Handrail Replacement (ADA Phase I)
Ramp Replacement
Pond Dredge
Riparian Corridor
Signage Phase I
Ballfield Parking Expansion
Softball Field Lighting
Campus Signal Cabling Upgrade
Baseball Dugouts
Chiller Plant
Little Theater Restrooms
Winter Baseball Practice Field
Wine Storage
North Site
Life Sciences
Transit Mall
Ceramics Building
Telephone Copper Cabling
Team Rooms (Building 600)
Building 1500 Re-Roof
Building 3900 Remodel
North Gym
Building 3700 Remodel
Building 800 Remodel
Building 1500 Remodel
LLRC (Building 1700)
PAC (Building 100)
Print Shop Relocation
Equipment For Vocational/Technical Office
Digital Design Graphics/CAD Computers
Bus. & Computer Studies Computers
Remodel Cafeteria
Fin Aid Carpet, Paint, Tile Abatement - ASB Carpet
Financial Aid Expansion
State Funds Match Project:  Bldg 100 Roof
Remodel of Classified Lounge/Board Room
Administration Bldg. Hall / Student Services furniture & electrical upgrades
Re-Carpet Basement physical sci bldg.
Minor Equip for TV Studio
Little Theater Seat Replacament - State Funds Match Project
Little Theater Storefront
Prototype Classroom in Rm 1031
Install Energy Efficient Variable Frequency Drives in 800 (old 1000A)
Faculty Lounge Renovation/Furniture
Plotter Upgrade Digital Design Graphics-Bldg 1000 A
Criminal Justice Classrooms & Offices Renovation
Renovate 1000 (old 1000 B) 2nd floor and HEOC Faculty Offices
Testing & Tutoring Center Minor Renovation
Bldg. 3900 (old 1200 A) - mobile equipment & furniture for future HEOC
Furniture & Construction Materials Warehouse
Gym Domestic Hot Water - Boiler & Storage & Piping
Add A/C to Art Center Building 3700 (old building 400) classrooms
Air Compressor for Machine Tool & Welding
Replace Transformer (T-8) at Machine Tool & Welding
Rekey of campus to ADA compliant door hardware and locksets
Phase I of ADA Transition Plan Projects
Awnings & Gutters Replacement - UVC
Concrete Stain & Site wall - UVC
Kitchen re-lamping - UVC
CR #3 furniture and reno - UVC
Athletic Field Improvements - Baseball/Softball dugouts
Ballfield Reclaimed Water
Utilities & Infrastr - inc. EMS Backbone upgrades
New Main Distribution Frame (IT) room in bldg 300
Photovoltaics - 1 megawatt solar panel array
Sidewalk Repair - Phase I
Heritage Tree Cabling & Pruning
Mall Tree Pruning - zelkovas
Ball field Fence for Traffic Control & Other Misc Site Imps
Smoking Shelters - reuse old art display structures
Bus Shelter Reno - historic stone structure on hwy.
Misc Roads/Parking
Misc Minro Fire Protection Upgrades
Construct Swing Space for Art Gallery At Com Ed Cntr
Title III Accommodations - Remodel Rms 1034 & 1035
Move & Convert 750/760 for PS 7 Health Center AND 2 new mods
Mansard Roof Waterproofing (State Funds Matching project)
Campus Furniture & Equip, Phase I
AV/TV Equipment for Classrooms
Construction Office Remodel
Print Shop - new press
Child Care Rooftop Package Unit - HVAC
Color Standards
EIR/Environmental Consultant (FMP Addendum)
Furniture Standards
Physical Sciences Renovation - Building 1800
American Canyon Early College High School - NVC Outreach Center
Convervsion of Building 1300 (old building 200) to Student Services
Convervsion of 1133 to Educational Talent Search & Upward Bound