Measure N

Independent Citizens' Oversight Committee

In 2002 the voters of Napa County approved Measure N, a bond measure that would bring $ 133.8 million in bond funding to Napa Valley College over the next 12 years.

Independent Citizens’ Oversight Committee (updated 3/19/12)

  1. Student active in college support group: Audrey Amundsen
  2. Active in a business organization in the district:  Bill Lockhart
  3. Active in a senior citizens’ organization:  Rick Whatley
  4. Active in a bona-fide taxpayers association or homeowner’s association:  Jason Luros
  5. Active in a support organization for the college:  Brian Kearney
  6. Community-at-large:  Phil Box

Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee Bylaws (revised Jan 2009)

Facilities Bond Implementation Plan

Oversight Committee Annual Report 2010/2011 -- Measure N Citizens' Oversight Committee Annual Report

2010/2011 Annual Financial Audit 

2009/2010 Annual Performance Audit

2009-2010 Annual Financial Audit


 Links to copies of Meeting Minutes

The college is actively seeking new committee members. If you are interested in serving and you are available one evening per quarter, please send an email to Carollee Cattolica at .

For questons, comments, or concerns, please contact Carollee Cattolica in the Office of the President at          707-256-7160 or .