Scholarship Donors

Scholarship Donors 2009-10
Carol Accettola 
Gertrudis C. Agcaoili, M.D.
Ms. Ann M. Allen 
Mr. & Mrs. George Altamura, Altamura Enterprises
Ms. Donna Altes 
American Cooperative School
The American Institute of Wine & Food
Mrs. Kam F. Ang 
Mr. David Angelovich 
Mr. and Mrs. Fritz Anthes 
Antinori California
Mrs. Karen Rini Apgaoa 
Mr. Ronald Appel 
Mr. and Mrs. Burl Autry 
Ms. Margaret Azevedo 
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Baldini 
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Baldini 
Mrs. Florence I. Barney 
Ms. Lori Barron 
Ms. Lauralyn Bauer 
Ms. Teresa Mora Bean 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Beatie 
Beckstoffer Vineyards
Mr. Glen Bell 
Mr. Richard A. Bennett and Ms. Linda K. MacDonald
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Benninghoff 
Mr. and Mrs. Carl A. Benscoter, Jr.
Ms. Kate Benscoter 
Judge Wm. L. Blanckenburg 
Ms. Deborah Boisot 
Liz and Bruce Boulware 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Bremer 
Ms. Nancy Brennan 
Ms. Carolyn Broadwell 
Ms. Barbara Brock 
Mrs. Mary Ann Bryan 
Dr. Chris Burditt 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Burditt 
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Burke 
Ms. Kathleen Burke-Kelly 
Shawna Bynum 
Calif. Soc. for Respiratory Care, Greater Bay Area
Ms. Loretta Carr 
Mrs. Augustine Carrion 
Peggy Carroll 
Ms. Laura Caswell 
Ms. Angelina Chagoya 
Judge & Mrs. Philip Champlin 
Ms. Carole Chassereau 
Ms. Dianna Chiabotti 
Chief Instructional Officers, California Community Colleges
Dorothy Cleone 
Ms. Judith Cochran 
Greg Cole, Cole's Chop House
Ms. Marilynn Cole 
Ms. Patricia Cole 
Mr. Mark Coleman 
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Collin, Jr.
Ms. Andrea Bewick Collins 
Mr. Michael Conroy 
Mrs. Anne H. Cook 
Ms. Caryl Ann Corder 
Ms. Emily Cosby 
Rev. and Mrs. James Counihan 
Ms. Carlene Coury 
Mrs. Lois M. Covey 
Mr. and Mrs. James Cox 
Ms. Margaret Craig 
Mrs. Ruth Crivelli 
Mrs. Gladys Dallas 
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Dallas 
Thomas Dana 
Mr. George Davis, II
Mr. Agapito De La Garza, Jr.
Ms. Jessica Delgado 
Dr. Richard S. Della Valle 
Ms. Kathryn Devincenzi 
Dickenson, Peatman & Fogarty
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Dillon 
The Doctors Company
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Dodd 
Mr. Richard Donohoe 
Ms. Helen Dunlap 
Mr. Alan Dunn 
Early Ford V-8 Club of America
Eaton Corporation
Mrs. Laura Ecklin 
Mr. David J. Ellingson 
Embassy Suites Hotel Napa Valley
Ms. Elizabeth Fagundes 
Dr. and Mrs. William Feddersen 
Ms. Sheryl Fernandez 
Ms. Susan Fiore 
Ms. Dolores H. Fischer 
Mrs. Sally A. Flaherty 
Mrs. Walter Fogarty, Jr.
Mrs. Amy Fong 
Foundation for California Community Colleges (Osher)
Mrs. Sandra Fox 
Ms. Carolyn Fruchtenicht 
Gant Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Garaventa 
Peter A. & Vernice H. Gasser Foundation
Mr. Larry Gates,  Construction Svcs, Gates Unlimited
Mr. and Mrs. James Gibbany 
Ms. Martha Gillis 
Mr. and Mrs. John Glaser 
Mrs. Rebecca S. Gonzalez 
Dr. Roberto Gonzalez 
S. Goodwin 
Mr. Jonathan H. Grand 
Mr. Don Grassmann 
Ms. Stephanie Grohs 
Ms. Ann Gross 
Mr. Raymond Guadagni 
Ms. Julie Hall 
Ms. Janet P. Halliwell 
Ms. Fain Hancock 
Mr. Jim Hanretty 
Mr. Lynn Harold 
Mr. and Mrs. Howard F. Harrison 
Mrs. Ski Herrod 
Dr. and Mrs. Donald Hitchcock 
Ms. Deborah Hollibush 
Hospitality de los Carneros
Ms. Sable Howard-Hughes 
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Humpert 
Mrs. Mona Humpert 
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur T. Hurley 
Mr. Jose Hurtado 
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Hussey 
Mr. Jon Huttinger and Ms. Maureen Dolan
Ms. Eva Johnson 
Ms. Marsha Johnston 
Mr. and Mrs. James V. Jones 
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Keebler 
Mrs. Lois Keenan 
Ms. Gwen Kell 
Ms. Rebecca J. King 
Kiwanis Club of Greater Napa
Kiwanis Club of Napa
Ms. Elizabeth Klepeis and Mr. Richard Foley
Ms. Christy Kling 
Dr. Stephen Krebs 
Mr. and Mrs. Pete Kreider 
Mrs. Wanda Lamb 
Ms. Elizabeth Lara-Medrano 
Ms. Lucille Leemhuis 
Mr. and Mrs. Lamar Lewis 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lieber 
Mrs. Carol E. Lilleberg 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lipman 
Mrs. Marian Long 
Dr. Susan L. Lorimer, Folsom Lake College
Kathleen and Frank Lucier 
Ms. Betty Malmgren 
Ms. Barbara Mannering 
Mrs. Marilyn Murdoff Mansfield 
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Markovich 
Mr. Richard Marsh and Ms. Lillian Garcia
Ed Matovcik and Cheryl Meyer
Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Mautner 
Ms. Anne McCallum 
Ms. Kelly McCann  
Mrs. Marla McCarthy 
Mr. & Mrs. Clifton McConnell 
Ms. Nancy McEuen 
Mr. Don McFarland 
Mr. and Mrs. William McPherson 
Mr. Ronald Medrud 
Ms. Sherry Melton 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Mendelson 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Meng 
Mr. and Mrs. David W. Meyers 
Mr. Scott Miller 
Ms. Joanna Mittman 
Ms. Lynda Monger 
Mr. Jack Monroe 
Morgan Stanley Matching Gifts
Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Morrell 
Mrs. Vanessa Mullally 
Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Murdoff 
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald F. Murdoff 
Mr. John Nahlen 
Napa Chamber of Commerce Amb.
Napa County AAUW
Napa Engineers' Society
Napa Police Officers Assn.
Napa Solano Psychological Assoc.
Napa Valley Art Association
NVC Administrative Senate
NVC Arts & Humanities
NVC Assoc. of Classified Prof.
NVC Associated Students
NVC Faculty Association
NVC Mathematics Dept.
NVC Students Rompiendo Barreras
NVC Umoja
Napa Valley Naturalists, Carolyn Parr Nature Center
Ms. Carolyn Miller Napier 
Nat'l League of American Pen Women
Ms. Virginia O'Shaughnessy 
Orange County Wine Society
Ms. Malia Palu 
Mrs. Bette Paterson 
Ms. Penelope Ann Pawl 
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Peatman 
Mr. and Mrs. Gerard J. Perez 
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Pestoni,  Upper Valley Disposal Service, Inc.
Ms. Margaret Placone 
Francois Plamondon,  Iscopia Software
Ms. Sudie Pollock 
Rabobank Napa
Ms. Jenette Raymond 
Mr. Ronald C. Rhyno 
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Rini 
Ms. Carol B. Roberts 
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Roderick 
Mr. Scott Rose 
Ms. Denise Rosselli 
Ms. Julia Roundy 
Ms. Jennifer Rue and Mr. John Curnutt
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Rue 
Ms. Ines Ruha 
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Rusin 
Ms. Carolyn Sanchez 
Ms. Marci C. Sanchez 
Mr. and Mrs. Rex D. Sawyer 
Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Scarboro 
Ms. Jeri Schefts 
Mrs. Hildie Schrette 
Ms. Jill Schrutz 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Scott, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Sercu 
Mr. David Settle 
Melody Seymour, Ph.D.
Mr. and Mrs. John Shafer 
Ms. Mary Shea 
Mrs. Belkis Shenk 
Mrs. Donna Sims 
Mr. Wyman Smith, III
Ms. Faye Smyle 
Dr. Jerry Somerville 
Mr. Luis Miguel Soria 
State Farm Companies Foundation Matching Gift Program
Stony Hill Vineyard
Ms. Betsy Strauss 
Ms. Myrt Sturgis 
Mr. Gary Stutler 
Ms. Lisa Tarner 
Mr. and Mrs. Herb Taylor 
Mr. Richard J. Taylor and Ms. Linda Beam
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Taylor 
Dan and Betsy Ter Avest 
Congressman andMrs. Mike Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. John Thoreen 
Ms. Suzanne Tobin 
Mrs. Sue Toigo 
Mr. Walt Unti 
Ms. Patty Vail 
Ms. Elizabeth A. Vallerga 
Ms. Diane Van Deusen 
Ms. Kelly Van Winden 
Ms. Ethel M. Vega 
Rene T. Vega 
Ms. Conni MacLean Venturi 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Vermeil 
Mr. and Mrs. Ted Vollmer 
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Walker 
Judie Walter-Burke
Mr. and Mrs. Julian Weidler 
Dr. Eve-Anne Wilkes 
Bobby Wilson, Wilson's Feed and Supplies
Wine Hospitality Org. of NV
Ms. Linda McGlochlin Wolff 
Women for WineSense
Dr. Diane Woodruff and Mr. Tom Woodruff
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Woods 
Dr. Robyn Wornall, Ph.D. and Dan Schwarz
Ms. Sonia Wright and Mr. Joe Criscione
Mrs. Bobbie Yeiter 
Mr. and Mrs. Darroch Young 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Zeller 
Ms. Mary Ellen Ziegler 
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Zimmerman