Planned Giving/Legacy Society


Napa Valley College is the vital center of our community’s culture and economy.  NVC educates our teachers, policemen, nurses, physical therapists, winemakers and many others essential to the function of our economy.  The students are often not from wealthy families, but are striving to improve their lot in life and get into the middle class.  Many of them stay here and contribute directly to the life of our beautiful valley.  The Foundation supports these students and the programs they require for success.  We provide scholarships directly to students to allow them to finish their course of study.  In 2012 we awarded over $118,000 in scholarships, which dramatically impacted the lives of the recipients.  But we can and must do more.  As drastic budget cuts come from Sacramento, the goal of the College to be open to all who can meet its requirements is threatened.  Even basic courses are being cut.  The Foundation works to support the College in its commitment to academic excellence and student success, making it worthy of the quality of the people of our Valley.  Examples of support in addition to scholarships we have given include instructional material support, library support, student services support, and campus improvements.

The Legacy Society is made up of individuals who have supported Napa Valley College with a planned gift through life insurance, IRA or bank account beneficiaries, trusts, charitable gift annuities, real estate donations, bequests by wills and other instruments.

By joining the Legacy Society you will be creating a Bill and Tomlegacy to live beyond your lifetime.  Your gift will indeed make a difference…to the college, our programs and services, and most of all to our students.  Contact NVC Foundation staff for an appointment to set up a Charitable Gift Annuity.   

Click here for the Legacy Society membership form, print it off and send it to the NVC Foundation office.

Bill Blanckenburg and Tom Young, Legacy Society members.



  1. Designate the Foundation as the beneficiary of your IRA/401k. Call your IRA custodian and ask for a change of beneficiary form.
  2. Designate the Foundation as the beneficiary of your "forgotten" life Insurance policy. Call your life insurance agent and ask for a change of beneficiary form.
  3. Designate the Foundation as the beneficiary of your gift annuity.
  4. Change your bank or brokerage account to a transfer on death.  Call your bank and ask for their form.
  5. Change your securities account to distribute the remainder to the Foundation upon your death.  Call your broker and ask for their form.

As a reminder, if your estate is taxable, the gift will offset part of your tax obligation.  Please contact your estate planning and/or tax professional.


  1. Contact your financial planner, estate planner, or attorney to name Napa Valley College Foundation as a recipient.  The suggested bequest language for Napa Valley College is: "I, [name], of [city, state, ZIP], give, devise and bequeath to Napa Valley College Foundation [written amount or percentage of the estate or description of property] for its unrestricted use and purpose/restricted use and purpose.”
  2. Complete the Legacy Society membership form and send it to Napa Valley College Foundation.
  3. At your discretion, notify the Foundation of the type of gift you have  left to the college.
  4. Join other Legacy Society members and donors at Foundation sponsored events.
  5. Promote the Legacy Society to your friends and family.
  6. Contact NVC Foundation staff for an appointment to set up a Charitable Gift Annuity. 

Click here to learn more about: Planned Giving Options
Click here for a: List of Legacy Society Members

Bill Hardy

Like many folks, we got into our 60s with some money and a vague plan  for making the money last and preparing a legacy for what was left over.  We wanted to give some to our family, but about half to charitable causes.  Through the Napa Valley College Foundation, we were put in touch with a professional who offered useful suggestions about how the money could be used and then allocated on death.  We then went to our lawyer and drew up an amendment to our estate plan which gives us complete use of the money we need during our lifetimes and (hopefully) a lot left over for Napa Valley College and other charitable ventures, as well as our heirs.  The Foundation is a great partner when you're ready to get serious about planning your financial future.  The sooner you do it, the better you'll feel.
--Bill Hardy speaking about partnering with NVC Foundation for preparing legacy gifts.