NVC Employee Giving

NVC Employee Payroll Contributions in Calendar Year 2013

Total: $ 12,833.00
Scholarships: $ 5,988.00

Thank you 2013 
NVC Employee Contribution Donors

David Angelovich
Kathy Baird
Glen Bell
Kate Benscoter
Shawna Bynum
James Calhoun
Loretta Carr
Peggy Carroll
Carollee Cattolica
Dianna Chiabotti
Daniel Clemens
Andrea (Bewick) Collins
Michael Conroy
Anne Cook
Carlene Coury
Oscar De Haro
Richard Della Valle
Kathleen Dietz
Maureen Dolan
Alan Dunn
Laura Ecklin
David Ellingson
Sue Engle
Sheryl Fernandez
Donna Geiger
Lissa Gibbs
Cathy Gillis
Becky Gonzalez
Roberto Gonzalez
Stephanie Grohs
Ann Gross
Julie Hall
Fain Hancock
Lynn Harold
Deborah Hollibush
Betty Hopperstad
Jose Hurtado
Gwen Kell
Jennifer King
Christy Kling
Steve Krebs
Elizabeth Lara-Medrano
Lauren Lee
Sherry Lohse
Kevin Luckey
Kelly McCann
Jeanette McClendon
Jessica Millikan
Lynda Monger
Bonnie Moore
Patti Morgan
Beth Pratt
Forest Quinlan
Bruce Riddell
Christina Rivera
Scott Rose
Denise Rosselli
Ramon Salceda
Carolyn Sanchez
Marci Sanchez
Rebecca Scott
Mary Shea
Renee Sicard
Faye Smyle
Sandra Stelter
Victoria Tharp
John Uboldi
Diane Van Deusen
Kelly VanWinden
Maria Villagomez
Judith Watkins
Eve-Anne Wilkes
Lisa Yanover


Each year the NVC Campus Community provides added support through personal contributions to NVC scholarships, programs and activities.  Special events, community receptions, and college initiatives become focal points for college personnel to rally support.

The NVC Foundation is honored to be a partner with NVC staff and faculty to generate support for and interest in NVC students and programs.

If you are employed by NVC, you can join the NVC Employee Payroll Contribution Program -- a monthly giving program that automatically directs a tax-deductible amount of your choice to help NVC students and programs.  Click here to download the Payroll Contribution Form and start giving today!