Strategic Plan FY 2011-2014

1.  Develop a marketing program to the community that demonstrates strong
     partnership with Napa Valley College.

Objective: Increase awareness about the college and financial support to the Foundation.

Strategy: Raise awareness of the impact the college has in the Napa Valley community, by showcasing individuals or businesses that have financially supported the College, attended NVC as a student, benefited from employing Napa Valley College graduates, received workforce training, or served on a College committee. 

2.  Raise unrestricted funds to support the operations of the Foundation.

Objective: To meet the Foundation’s annual financial obligation to the College.

Strategy: Sponsor special events and programs that will yield sufficient funds to meet the annual obligation to Napa Valley College and to build the unrestricted fund balance for future needs. 

3.  Develop an expanded scholarship campaign.

Objective: Significantly increase the number and core dollar amount of the endowed and non-endowed scholarships.

Strategy: Expand outreach to various populations in the Napa Valley community through targeted fundraising appeals. 

4.  Develop an alumni association and alumni program.

Objective: Increase financial contributions from alumni of the college.

Strategy: In partnership with the College, build a viable NVC alumni association and alumni program. 

5.  Develop planned giving and fundraising campaigns to support the College’s priorities.

Objective: Fund the equipment and technology needs and an endowed chair/program for instructional programs of Napa Valley College.

Strategy: Prioritize the objectives/goals of the College’s Strategic Plan and develop major gifts campaigns to fulfill those financial needs. 

6.  Expand network of Napa Valley College Foundation Board of Directors.

Objective: Increase giving by foundation directors.

Strategy: Identify influential and generous community leaders who are able to make gifts to the Foundation and/or who can influence others to give.