Debbie & Michael BaldiniEndowment funds have been established for scholarships, programs, facilities, and departments at Napa Valley College.  The principal of endowment funds is not spent.  The Foundation policy is to distribute 2-5% of the interest annually (determined by the Foundation Board each year--based on fund performances) to be used for the purpose of the fund. 

Establish your own named fund
An endowment fund can be established for $10,000.  Donors have 5 years to establish the minimum.  When the principal of the endowment reaches the specified amount, the endowment earns interest for one year.  After earning interest for a year the fund is activated and awarded the following spring.  Prior to activation of the fund, all annual interest and earnings from the investment of the fund will be added to the principal to reach the minimum amount.  Contribution form

Current Endowment Funds
Faculty, staff, alumni and friends of the College have established 185 endowment funds.  These funds can be added to by anyone who wishes to support their purpose.  For the most current list of all scholarship and non-scholarship endowed funds, call the Foundation office at 707-253-3374 or click on the links below. 

Debbie & Michael Baldini have been consistent donors to their family endowment.

Scholarship endowments
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Endowments Non-Scholarship
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