Employee campaign status

 October 15, 2010 

Payroll Campaign

Woohoo to our employees!  The payroll contribution campaign kicked off in August and although we lost 14 payroll contributors to retirement, the money is about the same as last year.  We’re projecting about $16,000 in payroll contributions for scholarships and program support again this year.  We have six new people who joined the marble apple club of $10/month and eight people who increased their contributions to $10/month.

The Foundation will also distribute apple pins to those who are donating anywhere from $5 to $9.99/month to any one fund.

The two goals were to raise the overall level of employee participation to 50% and raise monthly contribution to $10 per month. The breakdown is as follows:  21 administrators out of 37=56% participation (increase of 8%) with average gift of $30.40/month; 19 classified out of 146=13% participation (increase of 1%) with average gift of $14.63/month; 36 full-time faculty out of 94=38% participation (increase of 2%) with average gift of $10.75/month. 

A special thank you to our part-time faculty who donate through payroll contributions.  Four out of 210 have contributed in this manner over the last 12 months with an average gift of $5/month.

The overall participation rate among permanent employees is 27.4%.  Please help us on our way to 50% participation.  Click on [Donate] to donate through payroll contributions or a one-time year-end tax-deductible gift.   

Thank you for your generosity.  These contributions allow us to continue to provide much needed support to our students and staff on campus.  You can change the fund you donate toward or the amount by completing the Payroll Contribution Form (Donate button above).


New $10+/month contributors and receive a red marble apple:
Edna Baehre
Michelle Burhorn
Jennifer King
Janet McCard
Jessica Millikan
Maria Villagomez
Forrest Quinlan
Oscar deHaro

Those who increased their contribution to $10+/month in one fund and receive a red marble apple:
Barbara Brock
Peggy Carroll
Dianne Chiabotti
Stephanie Grohs
Julie Hall
Bonnie Moore
Faye Smyle
Robyn Wornall

Individuals who continued their $10+/month contribution in one fund and receive a red marble apple:
Kathy Baird
Glen Bell
Kate Benscoter
Loretta Carr
Carollee Cattolica
Marilyn Cole
Anne Cook
Michael Conroy
Emily Cosby
Ann Counihan
Maureen Dolan
Laura Ecklin
Sue Engle
Becky Gonzalez
Fain Hancock
Deborah Hollibush
Jose Hurtado
Sherry Lohse
Kevin Luckey
Betty Malmgren
Kelly McCann
Sherry Melton
Patti Morgan
John Nahlen
Malia Palu
Beth Pratt
Christina Rivera
Carolyn Sanchez
Judie Walter-Burke
Eve-Anne Wilkes
Sonia Wright