Annual Scholarships

Chris Burdette and CynthiaMinimum annual scholarship award amounts are $300.  However, donors may specify higher award amounts.  New annual scholarships of $500 may be named to honor or memorialize an individual, but not set criteria; a $1,000 donation may be named with broad definition criteria; and $2,500+ donations may be named with full criteria.  Scholarship contribution form. 

2013 Annual Scholarships

For the list of endowed scholarships, click: Endowed Scholarships

American Association of University Women, Napa Branch Scholarship
AAUW promotes equity for all women and girls, lifelong education, and positive societal change.  The Napa branch offers an annual scholarship to a local woman graduating from Napa Valley College and continuing her education at a four-year college or university.

Armond Phillips Scholarship
This scholarship is awarded to a deserving student.

Associated Students of NVC
The Associated Students of NVC represents students on campus. Officers are elected by the student body. The ASNVC advocates for the rights of students, promotes activities which stimulate the intellectual, cultural, and social life of our college, and encourages a high standard of education and freedom of expression.

A Voice Found, Inc. (AVF)
A Voice Found, Inc. (AVF) is a local nonprofit career counseling and scholarship service established in 2005 to meet the needs of teenagers and young adults who have obstacles to education, training and employment by helping them to create their own visions for the future.  AVF’s scholarship program provides opportunities for local students pursuing vocational career education and training in a number of different career categories.  The AVF scholarships are named after everyday heroes who exemplify the best of their professions while serving their communities, overcoming obstacles, and mentoring young people.

B/M/M (Burditt-McDonald-McKee) Awards
This scholarship is in memory of Margaret Marie McDonald Burditt and Harold Marion McKee, parents of Dr. Chris Burditt.  Recipients are outstanding students from Dr. Burditt’s mathematics courses during the past year.

Bank of Marin Scholarship
This scholarship is awarded to a deserving student.

California Society for Respiratory Care, Greater Bay Area
The California Society for Respiratory Care, Greater Bay Area Chapter is a professional organization for respiratory care practitioners.  This group promotes educational programs and scholarships.

Community Projects Scholarship
Since its inception in 1941, Community Projects, Inc. has provided monetary support for many public Napa County entities. The Thrift Shop at Third and Franklin Streets in Napa is the chief source of funds. We are grateful to be a part of this giving community. The awards this year are named in memory of Marjorie Pauline Heston Wilson Weidler.

Gregory W. Cook Memorial
Dedicated to the memory of Gregory W. Cook, this scholarship is given by his family in hopes that deserving students may pursue their dreams.

Defilippis/Rosselli Scholarship
Denise Rosselli’s family has always valued education.  Her parents sacrificed dearly to provide their three children with a quality education.  With this modest scholarship, Denise and her mother now want to encourage other young women to pursue their academic goals.

The Doctors Company
This scholarship is awarded to an outstanding student in health services.

Dr. John W. Boyd Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship is awarded to a deserving student.

Early Ford V-8 Club of America Redwood Empire Regional Group #27
This scholarship is awarded to an outstanding student in the welding program.

Gregory W. Cook Memorial Scholarship 
Dedicated to the memory of Gregory W. Cook, this scholarship is given by his family in hopes that deserving students may pursue their dreams.

Jeri Glover Scholarship
Jeri attended the Hill and Valley Teen Parent Program.  She used her experience as a pregnant teen to improve her life and be of service to countless women during childbirth.  She was a victim of domestic terrorism and this scholarship is in her memory.

June Pollock Scholarship
This scholarship honors June Pollock who was a founding member of Napa Humane Society.  With a strong personal love for animals, she volunteered her time for thirty years.

“If Given a Chance” Scholarship
A number of years ago the Napa Valley came together to provide support and incentive for the most challenged young people of Napa County.  “If Given a Chance…” has honored many students who have faced abuse, neglect, and many other life challenges. 

Kiwanis Club
The Kiwanis Club is an international organization dedicated to youth, their education, drug prevention, and to those activities that assist in the positive development of our future leaders.  In the Napa Valley, the Kiwanis Club is an active supporter of virtually every major youth organization.

Instrumental Music Scholarship Competition Award
This scholarship is awarded to a deserving music student.

Kiwanis Club In memory of Joseph Boivin
This scholarship is awarded to a student with leadership abilities active in community service.

Kiwanis Club In memory of Norman deLeuze and ZD Wines
This scholarship is awarded to a deserving student in the NVC Viticulture & Winery Technology Program who exhibits leadership skills and is active in the community.

Lillian Spiegel Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship is awarded to a deserving student and is dedicated to the memory of Lillian Spiegel, who was the first in her family to graduate from a university.  Lillian was devoted to supporting those pursuing higher education. 

Lina Gonzalez Memorial Scholarship
Lina Gonzalez immigrated from Portugal at a young age and quickly learned to value education.  She worked for the NVUSD for over 20 years helping children and assisting teachers while making many friends along the way.  Shortly before her passing she developed a passion for nursing while working at a pediatrician’s office.  Her family and friends would like to award this scholarship in her memory to students who are interested in pursuing a career in an education or medical field. 

Mathematics and Statistics Career
This scholarship supports the further education of a student pursuing a career in mathematics or statistics.  This award is provided by the NVC Mathematics Department.

Napa County Hispanic Network
The Hispanic Network provides scholarships for the Hispanic youth of Napa County.  The Hispanic Network assists continuing or transferring students so they can further their education and achieve their goals, as these students are the future leaders of the Hispanic community.

Napa Chamber, Napa Valley Community Awards Outstanding Napa Valley College Student
Awarded to a student who perseveres against all odds; they transform a place into a true community.

Napa Engineers’ Society
The purpose of the Napa Engineers’ Society is to provide a forum for discussing public works projects in Napa County and to foster friendship among the various agencies responsible for the planning and completion of these projects. 

Napa Engineers’ Society  Raymond Shour Memorial
Raymond Shour is remembered as a Registered Civil Engineer, retired from CalTrans, & member of the Napa Engineers’ Society for over 30 years.  He was active as a dominant member of their Scholarship Committee, most of the time as Chair.  This scholarship honors Raymond’s contribution to the profession and to the Society, especially his outreach into the community and the students at NVC.

Napa Engineers’ Society Adriane Insogna Memorial
Adriane Insogna, a graduate of Calistoga Junior/Senior High School, is remembered not only as a civil engineer with the Napa Sanitation District, but also as an athletic trainer for the NVC Volleyball Team.  She was a strong supporter of the youth of Napa and a rising star in the local engineering field.  Her life ended tragically in 2004 and it is with great honor that the Society offers this award in her name.

Napa Engineers' Society American Council of Engineering Companies, Napa-Solano Chapter
This award is for a deserving transfer student.

Napa Solano Psychological Association (NSPA)
NSPA seeks to promote human welfare in the community through the dispersion and utilization of psychological knowledge and services. Our aim is to increase public understanding of the unique contribution of psychology as a science of human behavior and as a profession, and to promote and maintain high standards of professional ethics, conduct, education, training, and achievement as defined by the APA, CPA and the Board of Professional Psychology.  This scholarship is awarded to a student studying any area of mental health. 

Napa Valley Art Association Scholarship
The Napa Valley Art Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering and encouraging creative art, its understanding and appreciation.  We provide the arts community with education and exhibition opportunities and in turn depend on the community for support of local artists.  A portion of all revenues is retained for scholarships to students in the Napa Valley. 

Napa Women's Club
The Napa Women's Club is one of Napa's oldest women's service organizations dedicated to local community improvement.  Through volunteers a scholarship is awarded to a deserving nursing student.  Our club sponsors several fundraising events throughout the year to give a nursing student an opportunity to further their education.. 

NVC Academic Senate Scholarship
The Academic Senate is charged by the state with responsibility for academic and professional matters; these include curriculum, educational program development, degree and certificate requirements, and - most important - standards and policies regarding student preparation and success.  This scholarship is funded by NVC faculty and awarded to a student who demonstrates academic excellence.

NVC Academic Senate Scholarship Honoring Retired Faculty
The Academic Senate awards a second scholarship as a tribute to the distinguished faculty who served our students since the advent of NVC over 60 years ago.  We honor our retired colleagues by funding the Academic Senate Emeriti Scholarship and presenting it to an outstanding NVC student.

NVC Adminatrative Senate
The NVC Administrative Senate, as part of its commitment to student success, began this scholarship in 1996.  The scholarship provides support to students who are continuing their education at NVC.

NVC Faculty Association Scholarship
The NVC Faculty Association is the local chapter of the California Teachers Association.  These scholarships are funded through union dues to help support and honor  deserving NVC students.

NVC Foundation Emeritus Board Member Memorial - Bob Pierce
Bob served on the Board of Directors of the Napa Valley College foundation for many years and also served as secretary. He was dedicated, active and took leadership roles in many community, fraternal, civic, service and charitable organizations in Napa throughout his life.

National League of American Pen Women
The Bernice Dunn and Zelma Stevens Scholarship – honoring Bernice Dunn, who was a noted Napa journalist and author, and Zelma Stevens, who is a celebrated local artist and whose efforts founded this scholarship – is given by the Napa Valley Branch of the National League of American Pen Women.  The scholarship was founded to encourage students who are graduating from NVC and continuing their education in the creative arts.

Sudie Pollock Scholarship
This scholarship honors 30 years teaching at the Hill and Valley Teen Parent Program. 

Scholarships in our endowment program are listed here: Endowed Scholarships