MESA (Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement) California Community College Program (CCCP) is an academic preparation program that assists California community colleges’ educationally disadvantaged students to succeed in math, science, and engineering so they can transfer to four-year colleges or universities and attain four-year degrees in math, engineering, and science fields. For other college contacts, go to the NVC Directory.

The MESA model for success includes a variety of services that results in a high rate of academic achievement. Elements of the MESA model include:

  • Individual Academic Plans
  • Academic Excellence Workshops
  • Academic and career counseling
  • Collaborative learning techniques and study skills
  • Clustering of students in classes to enhance collaborative study
  • Field trips to industry sites and university campuses
  • Leadership development and conference  

The MESA California College Program is an academic program that supports educationally disadvantaged community college students to excel in math, engineering, and science so they can transfer to four-year colleges or universities as majors in these fields. 

The main components of the MESA CCCP include:

  • Student Study Center, a dedicated multipurpose space for study, workshops, and information sharing
  • Academic Excellence Workshops where students are scheduled in math and science core classes and taught how to maintain high academic outcomes through group study
  • Orientation courses that teach college survival skills to incoming students majoring in math, engineering and science
  • Assistance in the transfer process including field trips to universities, workshops on applications, and counseling
  • Career advising to introduce work options to students. Field trips, job fair information, job shadowing exercises and industry mentors are available to students

Who is eligible to participate in MESA?   

Educationally disadvantaged students are eligible for the program. Educational disadvantages include factors such as economic status, educational environment, family and home circumstances. MESA serves as many of the state’s educationally disadvantaged students as the program’s resources allow. MESA focuses, to the extent allowed by law, on students from groups with low rates of college eligibility. 


NVC MESA Community College Program accepts new students into the program year round but best time to apply is in the fall. To apply, interested students should come to NVC MESA/STEM Center, complete a program application, and schedule an appointment with the MESA Program Advisor, who will determine your eligibility for program services. MESA accepts students who:

  • Declare a calculus-based math or science major
  • Are eligible for Math 90 or beyond
  • Qualify for educational support services (educational and financial need criteria defined by the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office)
  • Create and maintain a three-year educational plan for transfer (don’t have a counselor MESA/STEM staff can set up an appointment to see the HSI STEM Counselor, Elizabeth Lara-Medrano)

Non-MESA Program member:
·         Don’t qualify for the MESA program, and would like to stay involved with STEM major students; you’re invited to take part in many of the HSI STEM services and academic opportunities offered to NVC students. Some of these services include access to the student computer lab (room 1806), free tutoring (room 1805), Ti-83/89 calculator rentals and Supplemental Instruction (SI) on STEM subjects…much more.

In addition, NVC college students can join the SACNAS and SHPE Student Chapter(s)  regardless of major or membership within the MESA program; these student chapters are open to all NVC students.

For more information please call and/or email MESA/HSI STEM staff. 

Center Hours of Operation:    8:00 am- 6:00 pm

Located in the Basement of the 1800 Building (Click here to view MESA on the NVC map)

MESA Brochure

HSI STEM Brochure

Intro to MESA PowerPoint Presentation 
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MESA and HSI STEM Contacts:





José Hernández

MESA/HSI Assistant Dean (707) 256-7285

René Rubio

MESA Advisor (707) 256-7281

Elizabeth Lara-Medrano

General Counselor (707) 256-7220

Sandy Barros

HSI STEM Secretary IV (707) 256-7286

Dr. Terry Giugni

VP of Instructional Services

Antonio Castro

SHPE Faculty Advisor (Club)

Dr. Erin Quealy

MESA Faculty Advisor (Program and Club)


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