Meet our Modern Languages Faculty

Meet the ML Department

Members: (l-rt) Mary Shea, Tyler Kyle, María L. Villagómez, Martha Pereira.  Missing: Ann-Marie McEligot, Vito Digulio, Dalila Hernández-Ramírez, Janet Llana, Catherine Miskow, Tammy White, Anthony Sargenti, and Arieta Salanova Díaz.


Spanish Instructor Tyler Kyle - Tyler Kyle joined Napa Valley College as a Spanish instructor in 2011.  She previously taught Spanish at Modesto Junior College.  Ms. Kyle earned her Master of Arts in teaching at the University of Southern California and her Master of Arts in Spanish at California State University Sacramento.  Ms. Kyle lived abroad in Austria and has traveled extensively throughout Europe.  She also travels to Spain each year and continues to expand her love and knowledge of Latin American culture by visiting a different country each year.



French Instructor Anne-Marie McEligot

Anne-Marie McEligot has taught all levels of French since 1997 at Napa Valley College. She has also taught at Dickinson College and the University of Virginia.  As a former Fulbright Scholar at the University of Dijon and the University of Paris (Sorbonne), Mrs. McEligot is very familiar with French life.  Her graduate work was at the Johns Hopkins University.  2009 was her eleventh time leading the Summer in Paris Program for NVC.  She is looking forward to providing instruction and guidance to students of varying linguistic and cultural needs.



Spanish Instructor Martha Elizalde de Pereira

Mrs. Elizalde de Pereira was born and raised in Mexico. She graduated from the Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara (UAG) from the School of Linguistics with a degree in Foreign Language Teaching. She obtained a BA and a MA in Spanish from CSU Sacramento and has taught at NVC since 2001.



Professor of Spanish, María L. Villagómez

Since joining the NVC faculty in 2000, Mrs. Villagómez has been a strong advocate for the Modern Languages Department and has developed new curriculum for the Spanish for Heritage Speaker’s Program including an Associate of Arts Degree in Spanish and an Associate Degree for Transfer for Spanish majors.  She has served on numerous NVC committees including, but not limited to, the Curriculum Committee, the Professional Development Committee, the Faculty Ethics Committee, the Faculty Senate Executive Board, and the Faculty Association Executive Board.  Currently, she serves as the Chair of the Language and Developmental Studies Division. Mrs. Villagómez has led numerous Spanish language programs to Mexico and Spain as well as cultural excursions to Costa Rica, Peru, Spain and other European countries. She obtained a BA and a MA in Spanish with an emphasis in Hispanic-American Literature, Hispanic Culture and Civilization, and Spanish Linguistics from CSU Sacramento and also holds a MA in Education with an emphasis in Educational Leadership from Sonoma State University.



Spanish Instructor, Azalea Aguilar

Born in Mexico City, Azalea grew up in the state of Sinaloa where she obtained a degree in education and a MA in History. She moved to Los Angeles in 1983 and graduated with a double major in Spanish and Art, a minor in Chicano Studies, and an MA in Spanish Literature.  Azalea then moved from Los Angeles to Napa Valley in 1998, and started her career as an Educator teaching Spanish to Spanish-speaking students at Vintage High School for over twelve years, and Spanish as a foreign language at Napa Valley College for over nine years. Azalea's involvement in the arts comes not only from her educational background, but from being the wife of Napa Valley artist, Oscar Aguilar Olea. As an educator, the arts are part of her curriculum; a way to enhance and help the lives of individuals, crossing the barriers of race, culture, language and beliefs.



Italian Instructor, Anthony Sargenti

Anthony Sargenti joined Napa Valley College in 2013 as an Italian instructor. He currently also teaches Italian at West Valley College in Saratoga. He obtained his Masters in Italian at San Francisco State University in 2012. During his undergraduate Art History work at San Jose State, he studied abroad in Florence, Italy for two years. He values a student-centered classroom in which learners are exposed to and interact with authentic products and perspectives.



Spanish Instructor, Janet Llana

I am currently a faculty member at Monterey Institute of International Studies (MIIS), where I teach Spanish intensive courses since 2006.  I received a BS Art, and my MS degree in Pedagogy from ‘Universidad de la Habana’, Habana, Cuba, my native country. I also hold a Masters Degree in Hispanic-American Literature from New Mexico State University.  I have taught at various colleges and universities in Hispanic countries such as Colombia, Spain and Cuba and several unified school districts in the US. As an experienced AP instructor, I have also been selected as a National College Board AP Reader for the Spanish language.



French Instructor, Catherine Miskow

Ms. Catherine Miskow received her Ph.D. in French in 2011 from UC Davis, with an emphasis in Second Language Acquisition; she also holds a Master of Arts in Japanese from San Francisco State University. She has taught all levels of both French and Japanese, and previously taught at Santa Clara University. She has traveled extensively throughout both Europe and Asia, and studied, lived, and worked in Paris for two years. In addition to French and Japanese, she also speaks Spanish and Italian. She values student centered, real-world based learning and a communicative approach to language teaching.






































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